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Andre's Picks 1-5 of 2010 NFL Mock Draft | Rams - Lions - Buccaneers - Redskins - Chiefs

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DRAFT Top 32 Picks, note that I have projected overall record and the strength of schedule for each team posted. Strength of schedule is the 1st tiebreaker for teams with similar records

#1 Rams (1-15) (.520) -- QB, DT, OG, CB, OLB

DT Ndamukung Suh

Preliminary Analysis: Looking at the Ram’s franchise there have been obvious highs and a significant amount of years and coaching eras marked by losing streaks and lack of playoff contention - respectively. Their resume finally earned its selling point when the Greatest Show on Turf (GSOT) introduced itself to the NFL in 1999, parlaying the Coryell-influenced Mike Martz Offensive Scheme with the Dick Vermeil-led and organized team - with its talented players - into what became one of the Greatest Superbowl run/games in NFL history (XXXIV); the Offense put up record-breaking numbers which would be the hallmark of the GSOT era. With the departure of Vermeil, Martz’s Offensive continued to put up gaudy numbers up until 2002 when the blueprint for defeating the multiple formation and timing-dependent offense was written by Bill Belichick and his Patriot team in Superbowl XXXVI; note that the Patriots faced off the Rams in a regular season game in which the Patriots lost in Foxborough. Nevertheless, despite keeping the talent pool steady, Martz was unable to adjust his playcalling/playbook to the 3-4 & 4-3 blitzing schemes which would tee off on his QB, who [by the way] Martz preferred to drop back an unprecedented amount of snaps. As Marc Bulger was eased into the starting QB job, success seemed to be harder to come by, and it was such a stubbornness which forced the upper echelon of the Rams organization to end the Mike Martz era; Bulger’s talents were not to leave with him. Although Bulger was considered one of the better QBs in the NFL between 2005 and 2008, the team around him began to crumble, and in that regard his health would pay dearly (as currently he is on IR), and his team is in the number 1 slot in the 2010 NFL Draft Order. While the Rams did invest in top flight first round Offensive Tackles in 2005 (Alex Barron) and 2008 (Jason Smith) to keep Bulger healthy, it was all for not, as the unit was unable to gel and play up to their projected level - a level the organization hoped would afford Bulger the type of protection needed to keep the franchise in legitimate Superbowl contention (much less the playoffs).

Team Analysis: While the Rams have made pretty solid draft picks who are in some way or form still considered NFL-worthy, theyre only impact players are FS OJ Atogwe, RB Steven Jackson, MLB Joe Laurinaitis, and even WR Donnie Avery. DE Chris Long, CB Ronald Bartell, and the oft-injured QB Marc Bulger have kept the team from complete organizational collapse, despite their disturbing win-loss record; the team still seems to have enough leadership to keep the Rams competitive. Yet and still, 2007 13th overall pick DT Adam Carriker has had nagging and persistent injury issues, while 2006 1st round pick CB Tye Hill never developed and is no longer with the team. While DE Leonard Little has had a quiet yet highly consistent and productive career ensconced in longevity, he is nearing the end of the road as injuries are creeping up on him too. Such a team with so many hits, misses, and underwhelming draft picks has a 2 way street with which to travel: consistent bottom dwelling, or success. In order for success to be achieved, the future of the starting QB position MUST be settled, the Offensive line solidified [talent is there, coaching needs to get through] (especially considering the loss of the talented yet fiery Richie Incognito), and the Defensive Line and OLB positions rejuvenated with adequate talent which can play off of the cerebral MLB Laurinaitis and the adequate DE Chris Long. In that regard, QB, DL, LB, and CB must be the focus of the offseason, one which projects to be long and pricey - as the team currently holds the #1 overall pick.

Draft Analysis: With the likelihood that the Rams will not be able to trade out of the #1 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, they must answer the key question of which player can best allow the franchise to win - much less be competitive. In my opinion, the arguments will begin and end with two players: QB Sam Bradford and DT Ndamukung Suh.

Pick Analysis: QB is a need position based on Bulger’s injury and Kyle Boller’s ineptitude. Sam Bradford's arm workouts could make him this pick, or drop him into the latter portion of the top 10 - maybe even into the teens. Though currently idled by injury, I see him recovering much like Brees did after his [what was potentially] career-threatening tear of the rotator cuff in week 17 of the 2005 season. Further, based on the gametape which Ive watched, Bradford has one thing the NFL covets, and that’s Matt Schaub-type (even better) elite accuracy - the type which is said to come around once every 10-15 years He also has an NFL capable arm, a nice quick throwing motion, and is known to be a great coverage reader - but he is hurt, and has been for nearly the entire 2009-2010 NCAAF regular season. Dr James Andrews said the arm surgery was a success, and even with that, you can believe Bradford was still studying gametape and increasing his football IQ. Only negative about him is his durability, which also compares to Schaub, but 1st things 1st - his arm must heal so that his unique talent can be showcased to the scouts this offseason.

One unique side note surrounding the top QBs in this draft is the fact that there is more pressure on them to perform at the Combine, Senior Bowl and Pro Days - seemingly more than any QB class in recent memory.

Nevertheless, given that Bradford heals and performs at the Senior Bowl, Combine, and his Pro Day - according to his tape - I truly feel that Steve Spagnuolo will be forced to ignore the lost 2009 season and weigh his options (much like the Falcons had to do in 2007 between QB Matt Ryan and DT Glen Dorsey) between the triggerman who seems like a cross between Eli Manning (attitude and poise), Matt Schaub (accuracy, acumen, and durability), and Drew Brees (injury only) --- and the Defensive Tackle who has won all the accolades [and more] in Division I NCAAF. Don’t underestimate the fact that Bradford is going through adversity right now, and if he is able to overcome all the issues this offseason, he may be considered the QB of the Rams’ future and the player worthy of the #1 overall pick.

DT Ndamukung Suh has not only been named AP College Football Player of the year, but was invited to the Heisman Memorial Trophy Ceremony as the first Defensive player since Charles Woodson. The accolades are almost too much of a mouthful to name (much like his legal name), however the pro football scout can never tire of watching his game-impacting play and consistency in one of the preeminent divisions in major college football - the Big XII. Noticeable from the gametape is his unique strength to shed top-tier NCAAF Offensive Lineman, his motor which is never-ceasing, and his attitude which is appreciative of his God-given talents and skill level. Suh is deserving of this pick, however I will lean in favor of the QB as the time is now to end the Bulger (by way of Martz) experiment and call on his heir apparent (by way of Oklahoma) to be put into place while RB Steven Jackson is still in his prime.

Are the Rams willing to mortgage the future of the franchise to a player who missed his entire Senior Season? Suh may get the nod ONLY because Bradford failed to compete during his final College Season, but as Brees' Superbowl victory has shown, a capable QB with the will to beat adversity can take a Franchise to places it couldn't have dreamt of - and given that the Rams play in a Dome, it would make the most sense for Bradford to play in St. Louis than anywhere else.

The Rams may be in the running for one of the top two TE’s in the top of the Second Round, as I currently have only 1 of the two TE’s going in the 1st round (Aaron Hernandez, Florida). You may find former teammates TE Jermaine Gresham and QB Sam Bradford reunited in the NFL.

-- DT Ndamukung Suh #93 --

#2 Lions (2-14) (.523) -- DT, S, CB, Rush DE - OL is a possible need

BREAKING NEWS out of Detroit: Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz goes on the record to mention that while there is a lack of talent on his team, there is also a handful of "No Vacancy" signs in addition to quarterback, where the Lions have a huge investment in last year's No. 1 overall draft pick, Matthew Stafford. Among them: No. 1 receiver (Calvin Johnson), free safety (Louis Delmas), tight end (Brandon Pettigrew), center (Dominic Raiola) and left tackle (Jeff Backus).

FRANCHISE NEWS: "Lions coach Jim Schwartz said LT Jeff Backus deserved some Pro Bowl votes. Huh? Backus was part of an offensive line that gave up 43 sacks this season and couldn't keep Matthew Stafford on the field. For Stafford's sake, we hope that this doesn't mean the Lions aren't planning on addressing offensive tackle on draft day."

DT Gerald McCoy

To start out, DE Dunlap may have officially axed his top 5 status with his DUI. Nevertheless, there are purveying philosophies about what the Lions are trying to do, those being bringing in “investment protectors” (referring to QB Matthew Stafford), or the adoption of the mindset which made Head Coach Greg Schwartz’s former Titans Defense great - that being solidifying the D-Line. The immediate, intermediate, and long-term career projections of LT Jeff Backus and RT Gosder Cherilus by this new Lion’s coaching staff is what I call the “joker cards”, or the players/analysis of with which this draft pick hinge on most (read: ). Backus and Gosder Cherilus (even more than Backus) have struggled, but Backus himself has also made a rebound as of recent. (June 28, 2009) Lions LT Jeff Backus has surrendered an average of 10 sacks per season over the last three years. Average starting NFL Tackles average about five sacks allowed per year, so this puts in perspective how bad Backus has been.

In lieu of it all, Coach Greg Schwartz built his Titans Defense by investing in top-caliber players on the D-Line. At DE, I feel that DeWayne White is a legitimate player, and that Cliff Avril is an undersized but highly athletic DE. With DT Sammie Lee Hill being a hoss on the inside who can stop the run; a pass rushing DT is needed. Watching tape of McCoy, his explosiveness from the 3-Technique is incredible, and he very much reminds me of former Oklahoma Sooner Tommie Harris, and current Cardinals DE/DT Darnell Dockett. DT McCoy would fit perfectly into what Coach Schwartz is trying to do with his team.

Pick Analysis: Ive heard murmurs of FS/SS Eric Berry being talked about here based on the Quarterback talent level saturating the NFC North, and though it is my belief that one drafts for their Division 1st, I also believe that Gerald McCoy is just as good, if not a better talent than Eric Berry. Barring a terrible injury to Backus, and due to the philosophy which I believe is what made the Schwartz successful, I am more than willing to forego Okung here - and put in McCoy. However too much money has already been invested on the Lion’s offense, and QB Matthew Stafford is currently on IR. In that regard, OT Russell Okung and OT Anthony Davis will get strong looks, though McCoy and Berry are rated as better overall prospects. Jeff Backus’ career just seems to be on a downturn and Gosder Cherilus' seems headed there much earlier. However, while Backus is being consistently called the worst starting LT in the NFL, his contract ends in 2011, and the Lions Run Defense is deplorable right now.

As for Okung, he is a better pass blocker right now, who has shown enough of mean streak to be called a complete Offensive Tackle. As of recent, the Lions targeted struggling 6’6” 314lb 2nd year OT Gosder Cherilus, who was rated the 5th overall OT by my favorite draft source, Davis and Okung both have better athleticism, but Okung is probably the best top-tier Tackle; Davis is comparable to Eagles OT Jason Peters, however he needs lots of work on his technique. Okung compares to Ryan Clady and D'Brickashaw Ferguson - two 310lb OT’s who have played well in their respective systems; Okung was routinely put on an island game in, game out against the best pass rushers the Big Twelve could offer.

The onus is on the Lion’s organization to evaluate the prospects of rearing a young OT while Backus’ retirement/release looms, but is a top 3 pick supposed to be a developmental player? Either way that would be the safest bet in my opinion, as the Lion’s are at a crossroads where organizational stability can finally be achieved. Safety outweighs “splash”, and rearing the best OT in the draft to be the eventual “investment” protector, would be the best option going forward - according to me.

Four final notes to savor:

1) On whether Coach Jim Schwartz's bizarre, awkward, and borderline buffoonish praises of OT Jeff Backus turn out to be NFL coachspeak for: "Im gonna piss on you and tell you its raining". If we take an honest preliminary look at the situation presented with the Lions Offensive line, the first thing one should utter is that Matthew Stafford - who received the highest guaranteed money of all incoming NFL rookies - is currently on IR.

2) The fact that DT Darnell Dockett may be traded this upcoming season (his contract ends in 2011 and he wants Haynesworth money), and the Lions should be in the running for him; he would be a perfect fit in Detroit in my opinion.

3) Jeff Backus still has a year left on his contract, and the coaches are high on him. Is a young replacement for next year their most pressing need?

4) The Lions have invested just one top 10 pick on a Defensive player in over 10 years.

- DT Gerald McCoy #93 --

#3 Buccaneers (3-13) (.555) -- DT, Rush DE, CB

DE Derrick Morgan

Ironically, as should be the case in accordance to the widely used cliché “stop the run”, the Buccaneers are at the vanguard of NFL teams looking to cash in with the player who they believe will be a franchise changer, yet in turn cash out via cap dollars and guaranteed money allotted to the player taken in one of the top slots. From the 3-technique Suh will provide the inside strength needed to stop the Run, an impact which in turn will bode well for the Bucs cat-quick LBs. It has become apparent based on some firings, that Coach Raheem Morris is trying to bring back the Tampa 2, and to do that he knows a Warren Sapp-type player is a necessity. With wins over the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, and New Orleans Saints, the Buccaneers firmly resemble a team who is growing - and to that I salute Raheem Morris - a guy I didnt think would be around at the end of the season. His defensive schemes have not only wreaked havoc on recent opponents, but his young players, especially at LineBacker, seem to be making strides - now is the time to bring in a top-notch talent to provide another surge to make this young defense even better.

Although I believe Gerald McCoy is a better pass rusher and quicker off the snap, Suh has a unique ability to shed blockers with his sheer strength - the same type of ability possessed by Richard Seymour; I also believe Suh and McCoy (who played 3-4 DE @ Oklahoma) would be an even better fit in the 3-4 as DE’s, but that’s another story in and of itself. Nevertheless both players possess abilities that will help both the pass and run Defense of the Bucs. They also need another young DE, but Suh or McCoy would be too good to pass up at this spot - especially considering that one of the highest graded player in the draft would be available at the biggest position of need. McCoy can be paired with the emerging young talent who is Roy Miller, a 3rd round pick out of Texas. The Buccaneers have 5 picks in the top 99 draft order.

Despite the fact that the Buccaneers are picking in the top 5, there is a strong possibility that the two players they want most will be gone, here-in lies the first true quandary of the 2010 NFL Draft - either the Bucs reach for either DE's Derrick Morgan and Carlos Dunlap (whom have overall athleticism and character issues respectively), or take the All-SEC & All-American Safety who would solidify Raheem Morris' Tampa 2; a trade down is not likely in my opinion. In addition to those dilemmas lies both the recent trade of 2007 top 5 pick, DE Gaines Adams - a guy who was not only very weak at the point of attack, but was underwhelming as a Simeon Rice-type pass rusher, and SS Sabby Piscatelli, an athletic marvel and former 2nd round pick who has been inept as a replacement for the aging Jermaine Phillips. Raheem Morris may be forced to "coach up" Piscatelli this offseason if the Bucs feel they cannot handle the fact that 3 out of 4 of their most recent top picks have flopped. If this picks winds up being a Safety, keep an eye on Penn State's Jared Odrick or UCLA's Brian Price as Raheem Morris' penetrating DT in the 2nd round, with advantage currently to Odrick given his production in what could be the NCAA's most physical conference. As for Morgan however, he has in no way solidified the top DE spot in my opinion, and currently there are two DEs other than he and Dunlap who are still in the running to be the top DE taken in the 2010 NFL Draft: USC DE Everson Griffin and Michigan DE Brandon Graham, both of whom compare very well to Morgan. All in all, Derrick Morgan, Everson Griffin, and Brandon Graham all show exquisite pass rushing ability, and have all shown immense growth and have been immensely productive. Both Graham and Morgan played against one of the best Offensive Tackles in this year's draft in Bryan Bulaga, and while Graham did get the best of Bulaga more (given his experience and polish), Morgan helped himself with an equally strong all-around performance. Griffin on the other hand, kinda showed better overall athleticism given that he was moved around alot in Pete Carroll's system and rushed from both the down position, and the two-point stance. In both he showed explosiveness, strength against the run, and fluidity in his hips. As all three will be compared to Chris Long, they do seem to have a better "wiggle" to fake out the opposing Offensive Tackle, and sack the Quarterback; and all 3 show great explosion off the snap. Much like Morgan and Dunlap, I see both Griffin and Graham being 1st round picks in this years draft, with Griffin standing to shoot up draft boards with a good showing at the combine.

Possible/Likely Draft Scenarios:

1) DE Derrick Morgan 1st -- FS Nate Allen 2nd
2) FS Eric Berry 1st -- DT Jared Odrick 2nd
3) DE Derrick Morgan 1st -- DT Jared Odrick 2nd
4) DE Everson Griffin 1st
5) DE Brandon Graham 1st


Thoughts to savor:

1) As for Dunlap, the Bengals have been the blueprint of how the combination of drafting talented players with character issues can affect a team. While the players added an instant spark to the teams' play from 2005-2007, many of those picks are no longer in the NFL.

2) How will Buccaneers GM Mark Dominic weigh his options if DT Gerald McCoy is unavailable? Keep in mind, starting DE's Stylez G White and Jay Wilkerson are/will be in their 30s by the beginning of the 2010-2011 season ( Wilkerson a pending free agent in the coming months), and rookie 3rd round pick Kyle Moore out of USC will be coming off a torn MCL.

3) Dunlap has messed up only once as a College Athlete, but that mistake may be too much for this franchise to invest in.

4) Originally, and based on his monumental mistake prior to the SEC Championship I never envisioned placing DE Carlos Dunlap in the slot, however, regardless of his judgemental error, he is not the explosive pass rusher Mario Williams was in college - whether it be his burst off the line, or his agility when closing on the QB; Dunlap projects more as a versatily 3-4 DE given his stoutness against the run. There is an underlying possibility, though small, that OLB Sergio Kindle may end up as the Buccaneers 1st round pick if they believe Dunlap is too risky to select.

5) It has been a noticeably apparent that recent Florida draftees (primarily defense) have been unbridled failures as NFL-quality starters - and more-so - based on the slots in which they were drafted, they have set back their respective franchises. The names include: FS Reggie Nelson - Jaguars, OLB Jarvis Moss - Broncos, DT Marcus Thomas - Broncos, and Reynaldo Hill - Titans. Dunlap carries a huge red flag off the field, and while he has shown flashes, his production hasn't necessarily been stellar. He was voted All SEC by the conference's coaches, however.

6) What is the future of S Sabby Piscatelli? Local product, FS Nate Allen could be the answer to that question as he currently grades out as a 2nd round pick according to my projection.

7) I am real high on USF Free Safety Nate Allen who competed and exemplified at the Senior Bowl the versatility he showed on his gametape. Look for the versatile playmaking Safety to be a 2nd round pick, and my projection is that it may be in this slot.

- DE Derrick Morgan #91 --

#4 Redskins (4-12) (.492) -- OT, QB, OG, LB, RB

Franchise News:
- Recent developments (which include the hiring of GM Bruce Allen) have indicated that Mike Shanahan may become the Redskins coach post 2010. While nothing has been cemented in ink or word of mouth, it has been reported by the Denver Post that Mike Shanahan is in preliminary talks with Dan Snyder.

- The aforementioned developments may tip the Redskins hand draft-wise (in terms of the CJ Spiller to Redskins possibility) as Shanahan is a coach who believes in scheme over player - or the zone blocking scheme over the skill set of the RB. While I do see Clausen as a legitimate top 15 pick, I also believe that Jason Campbell has given this team a chance to win, despite the wholesale shuffling of the “Hogs” otherwise known as the ‘Skins O-Line. That being said, Okung could be the piece which sets the stage for drafting one of the talented QBs who enter the 2010 NFL Draft.

- As a Native American, QB Sam Bradford may be offended by the Redskins team name...

- From radio interview, listen to the clip here:

- Kevin Sheehan: So, out of curiosity, do you have any sort of feelings about the Redskins name?

- Sam Bradford: "You know,obviously in Oklahoma there's a large Native American population. There are a lot of opinions on that name....but...I really don't feel like, you know, I need to be, you know, voicing my opinion. You know. If it's something I have to do down the line, you know, then I will, but I just don't feel like I need to address that issue right now." [/i]

QB Sam Bradford

To start out, I feel that Jason Campbell is writing his resume to owner Dan Snyder, in the form of his play during the remainder of the season. With the almost kindergarten-like treatment of Coach Jim Zorn by Snyder, it looks as if the Skins will start over on Offense and with the team in general.

Looking at the ‘Skins’ roster and play during the season, it is obvious that the Offensive Line and QB position is what’s holding this team back. That being said, former Bengal Levi Jones was brought in and immediately grabbed the LT spot, but it makes you wonder how good he really is, being that the Packers and Lions both passed up on him in the offseason. Further looking at the situation presented, OT is probably a bigger need right now than QB, as there’s a very slim chance that Jimmy Clausen will be winning much against NFL-caliber Defenses in his 1st year. In that regard, I truly believe Campbell hasn’t been given a legitimate chance to succeed based on the revolving door of Offensive Coordinators, and the failure of the Offensive Line to gel, or be healthy. Yet at the same time I feel that Coach Charlie Weiss is a guy who will be calling plays in the NFL in 2010, and there is a strong possibility that it could be with the Skins - and we all know Jimmy Clausen knows his system. Snyder wanted Cutler in the offseason, and he wanted Sanchez last year -- well, Clausen is as close to Sanchez as you can get in this draft.

Again, the Redskins are starting over, they have emerging young talent at the skill positions, and they will have a high 2nd round pick where they can get an O-Lineman. But that statement in itself creates questions, as every team in the Skins’ division has a Defense predicated on the pass-rush. It should also be questioned as to what the future of former Hawaii QB Colt Brennan is.

Pick Analysis: It just makes more sense to go OL here, and though a QB of Bradford’s stature and talent is a hard find and creates excitement, Campbell’s resume doesn’t provide an accurate - if any at all - insight to whether he’s a winner in this League or not. The Redskins should count their blessings that a pro-ready OT should be available here, being that Offensive Line is a traditionally one of the safer position choices in the 1st round. When looking at the situation as it stands, however, Sam Bradford does eerily remind the viewer of Chargers QB Phillip Rivers - and its likely the same opinion is held by Mike Shanahan. Further, as noted earlier Dr James Andrew (who by the way is the Redskins team doctor) operated on Bradford and called his surgery a "success", the prognosis for recovery was thereby set at 4-6 months (from 10/26/2009). Although it may take Bradford a few months (after the 6 month recovery) to regain his abilities, one can take solace in the fact that the variables connecting Bradford with the Redskins do in fact make complete sense - and more than any other franchise before or after.

If Okung is unavailable the most likely possibilities would be either Sam Bradford, OT Anthony Davis (consistency questions), or OT Charles Brown (a reach at 4th overall). Other than Brown (who currently grades out as a late 1st to early 2nd rounder given his lack of weight and questionable anchor against NFL-caliber Defensive players, the most logical OT pick would be Maryland junior entry OT Bruce Campbell - a local product. In fact, one should be considerate of the possibility that Washington trades back up into the latter portion of the 1st round to take either the local OT product who has been labeled the "Vernon Davis of Offensive Tackles", in reference to his athletic prowess, or the USC star (OT Charles Brown) who has been a stalwart for both Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley - to include the various talented RBs who have toted the rock in the USC backfield. Again, with a withdrawal from the Senio Bowl and a reported weight of 292lbs, Charles Brown may likely end up being available in the bottom portion of the 1st round. As for Campbell, he has had an injury-riddled career, but has earned extremely high praise from his Terrapins head coach and scouts alike - he grades out much like Brown:

Player News:

12/19/09 - Maryland offensive tackle Bruce Campbell told ESPN's Joe Schad he will leave school early and enter the NFL draft. Campbell missed three games this year, and has had an injury-laden career that could probably benefit from another year in College Park - Campbell had turf toe and a knee injury this season - but there's no question he's destined for a pro career. A long one. It just happens to come a little early at Maryland's expense. Campbell and Phil Costa were the only returning starters to the 2009 offensive line, and Maryland used seven different starting lineups on its offensive line this year. It's a group that desperately needs veteran leadership and experience, and Campbell's departure will be a significant hit. His strength is pass protection, but he's also an improving run blocker. He had an average season, but average for Campbell is very good for a lot of other players. He's a freakish athlete who is extremely strong, and there aren't a lot of offensive tackles like him in the NFL. He's been called the Vernon Davis of offensive linemen. That being said, the staff has made some progress in building the depth and adding some talent up front. With a more athletic group of young players making their way on the field, it shouldn't be impossible to fill the void Campbell will leave. - Heather Dinich, ESPN

12/18/09 - University of Maryland junior offensive lineman Bruce Campbell will forgo his final year of eligibility and enter the 2010 NFL Draft. Campbell, who was a fixture on the offensive line for the Terrapins the last three seasons, arrived at the decision Thursday. "I felt like it was the right time for me to enter the draft," Campbell said. "It's something I've been thinking about for a while. I feel like I'm ready to compete at the highest level." Campbell reached the decision after talking with his family. "My family definitely supports my decision," Campbell said. "They want what's best for me." Campbell played in 27 games during his Maryland career, all at left tackle. He started 17 career contests, including all nine he played in this season. He missed three games in 2009 due to injury. "Bruce made a tremendous contribution to our program," Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen said. "We're supportive of his decision. We'll do anything we can to help him during this process and wish him the best of luck." The 2010 NFL Draft is scheduled for April 22-24. - Maryland football

Campbell and Brown have the feet to be NFL starting Offensive Tackles, and according to my projections both would be sound fits in Shanahan's widely publicized zone-blocking scheme. This is a very deep class of Offensive Tackles, especially athletically gifted Offensive Tackles, so that should be considered in the overall scheme of things, as again, the Redskins do possess another high pick by way of the 2nd round. Both Campbell and Brown would probably be called a "steals" if they even fell there, but again both do have unanswered questions surrounding their NFL future..

- QB Sam Bradford #14 --

#5 Chiefs (4-12) (.516) -- S, OT, WR, MLB, CB

FS/SS Eric Berry

Preliminary Analysis: Chiefs need talent to keep pace with the Chargers relentless Vertical Game based partly on the recent emergence of 6’5” WR Malcolm Floyd. An impact defender and excellent athlete like FS/SS Eric Berry would fit a need position perfectly.

As a side note, WR Dwayne Bowe just hasn’t cut it in Kansas City, for whatever reason. He’s been benched not only by Coach Todd Haley, but by the NFL for violating the substance abuse policy. Don’t be surprised if, like Braylon Edwards, Bowe is traded. Miami and Baltimore would be suitors for Bowe, but both have preferred to build via the draft.

One thing to take into account is Scott Pioli's draft philosophy which prefers pass rushers, D-Lineman, Offensive Lineman, MLB, and DBs as the top picks - specifically, his history has shown that DL and MLBs are the types of picks which he believes are safest in the top 10. All other needs have been satisfied with recent drafts, so one would believe Berry is the obvious pick here. Although I feel that ILB Rolando McClain or even OLB/DE Sergio Kindle could be possibilities here if Berry is unavailable, the hole at DB is way too large to ignore. With the Patriots in 2007, Scott Pioli took UMiami Free Safety Brandon Merriweather in the late 1st round, and based on that the main questions are:

a) How does Pioli's grade of Berry compare?
b) Is Pioli high on any of the other Safeties in this draft who stand to be late 1st - early 2nd round picks? ie S Reshad Jones, S Chad Jones, and S Nate Allen. That applies mainly to the fact that this is not only a
deep Safety class, but it would be alot of guaranteed money for a position that hasn't really returned the favor on the investment as a team's top pick - in recent drafts.
c) What is the contract situation with LB Derrick Johnson who started sparingly in 2009, yet made his share of impact plays - especially late in the season.

Side Note: It has been widely mentioned that an OT could go here, and while it could very well happen, I don’t believe it is a plausible likelihood based on three reasons:

1) the Chiefs would be tying up high cap dollars on 1 position
2) It would be very odd for a team to select the same position twice - in the top 15 - in a 3 year span, with very large holes at other positions.
3) Free Agency usually trumps the taking of another rookie at a position which the 2nd year player has struggled.

Final Comment: I believe this pick could very well be CB Joe Haden, ILB Rolando McClain, or OLB/DE Sergio Kindle if GM Scott Pioli has last minute trepidation about taking an in-the-box, Polamalu-type Safety with a top 5 or even top 10 pick - a slot usually reserved for QBs, MLBs, Offensive and Defensive Lineman (again, especially given Pioli's history). If Berry is gone and Haden shows good feet, speed, football acumen, interviews well, and performs well at field drills - he could be a consideration. The same skills will be scouted for ILB Rolando McClain and OLB Sergio Kindle. Depending on who wows in those regards, Berry, McClain, and my sleeper Kindle seem to be the safest picks based not only on their performance at the highest collegiate levels, the SEC and Big 12, but based on the way in which Safeties (not necessarily as high picks), MLBs, and elite Pass Rushers have impacted the NFL as of late.

Lastly I want to remind the reader to keep in mind that there may be discussions going on from now until draft day in which the Chiefs may weigh their options in Rds 1 & 2 based on two scenarios:

1) S Eric Berry in the 1st --- 3-4LB Brandon Spikes in the 2nd
2) ILB Rolando McClain in the 1st --- S Chad Jones or Reshad Jones in the 2nd ---- maybe even a Larry Asante

...Remember, this year's draft class is very strong at the Safety position

-Again, keep an eye on the both the two scenarios Ive thought about above, and OLB Sergio Kindle going here depending on who has solid showings at their Combine and pro days - respectively. As for the top Defensive Backs, I think this pick may have less to do with Haden and more to do with Eric Berry being that Brandon Carr has come along well as the compliment CB to former 2nd round pick Brandon Flowers. S Mike Brown is on his last legs.

- FS/SS Eric Berry #14 --

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