*****StickTV NFL Pick Em - With CASH Prize *****

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*****StickTV NFL Pick Em - With CASH Prize *****

Post by C-bass on Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:42 pm

Just like last year, we will be doing NFL Pick Em's again WITH the spread. If you don't want to pick with the spreads then go join a cheerleaders pick em league so you can all choose by your favorite color Rolling Eyes

However, there will be one addition this year... a Cash Prize worth $50 to your PayPal account if you win.

Please click this text for a link to our private league.

Password = vajazzle

*A reminder rule as always with us... PLEASE use your chat name as your team name to keep things easier on everyone. As I always say, if you win and we don't know who the hell you are then you don't get the prize. Very Happy

**Since this league involves a cash prize, please only sign up if you have, or are willing to start a PayPal account. There is also no entry fee required to enter the contest. Just PayPal and sign up for Pickems.


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