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Post by Oskeet on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:26 am

So since SpreadgivemeHead sent me to the showers early and rightfully so because the fan in me came out but unjustly cause I wasn’t the only one instigating (yes im looking at you Jammy)……… I understand all the hatred spewed towards my home team. Everyone on this site wants to bash us. Stick says we wont win anything. Bear thinks we are too soft. Jam thinks we wont even beat the Celts or Magic. I get all the hatred. Was “The Decision” clumsy and uncalled for? Yes. It sort of seems unfair.

In all honestly Miami doesn’t deserve what has happened to us. LBJ, Wade, and Bosh all on one team. It sounds ludicrous. LBJ, and Wade for all intents and purposes are two of the top three players in the league. Miami as a sports town blows. We are a bunch of bandwagoners, ill admit that. But that is only because we have so many other amazing things to be distracted by. Sports in all reality are just that, a distraction. The one place you can leave your worries behind and feel passionate about something that doesn’t really affect you all that much. In Miami this distraction is usually not needed. We got South Beach, some of the hottest clubs in the world, beautiful women, sunny weather; really the list can go on for ages. Cities like Cleveland don’t have any of this. They have the Browns, Indians, and Cavs. Come on, we all know their sports history. It hurts them more plain and simple.

The only thing I ask is for a little self-awareness and introspective. Why does LBJ have to stay in Cleveland? Why can’t LBJ play with his friends? Why can’t LBJ take LESS money to play in Miami?

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are always talking about what great friends they are. They are so bonded by shared sensibilities and experiences and excellences that Wade would stay at James' mansion when the Heat played in Cleveland. Everything that has happened in the time since -- Wade exiting national relevance early every postseason while required to do too much heavy lifting alone, James winning every individual accolade without winning anything that matters -- brings them together now with just the right amount of appreciation and frustration and freedom and power and perspective in their prime. Why in the name of all that is holy and sane wouldn't they choose each other? Hog the championships. Own the sport they love as young men. Make millions upon millions of dollars while teaming on commercials and winning and having fun.

LBJ is UN SELFISH. With in an hour LBJ crushed an entire fan base, city, hometown, and more importantly Jammy. He also became public enemy number 1. The result was clear though. He valued winning over anything. Above ego and glory and brand and money and commercials and hometown and fans and comfort and fame. It is an unprecedented decision being made by a reigning two-times Most Valuable Player in his prime. It was a decision made by Head and not by Heart. Which may be why Cleveland doesn’t understand. He chose to take less money. He chose to sacrifice being the singular star of his team in order to share the stage -- and in a city that belonged to another star, no less. He chose to admit to all that he needed to lean on a friend for help. He chose to go from the easy and forever love of little Cleveland to unholy criticism that would wildfire-spread from the burning jerseys in his hometown to a smoldering that would engulf our entire sports nation. He chose to go from hero to villain. Chose it.
So keep hating Miami if you want to but your hate is misguided. Why can’t it just be that a couple of 25, 26, 28 year old guys just wanted to play with each other in South Beach?

Shout out to Miz for having my back


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The Heat Manifesto

Post by STICKTV on Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:56 am

What Up Oskeet.

I went to bed early last night so I can't fully speak on the actual conversation that took place. I can go back into the chat archives, pull up the actual conversation if I choose to do so. Let me just say. I don't plan on doing so, I try to let the moderators & admins make the calls, I feel it's important to the website that I am not personally involved in every single issue that arises.

So with that said, let me get to your thoughts.

It seems much of your thoughts & suggestions don't necessarily require answers. I'll try to address the part where I was pulled into your thoughts & suggestions.

Firstly, You are spot on as far as it goes where I want to see the heat lose. Seeing Bosh, and Wade, and Lebron team up in Miami, personally to me is bad for the NBA

That said, I just gave an opinion. I'll give my reason why now.

I'm pushing 34 years old. I grew up during an era where players in the NBA weren't necessarily jumping from team to team, chasing a ring. Historically, when you look at teams of the past, it's not often that you can say " so n so played, here, here, here & here chasing after a ring. "

Obviously there are exceptions.

I'm not going to carpet bomb the entire NBA, that would be very unfair. In the past though, when money wasn't the central focus (not championships) You often saw players, staying loyal to the team that drafted them for their entire career. (Again, there are the exceptions)

Here's my take though, and pardon me for my lack of originality. I actually borrow this from Jim Rome.
" When a player says it's not about the money, guess what it's about? The money "

Point is: The guys play in Florida. There's no state tax, which may not be a huge reason why they're playing in Miami, but it was definitely a factor, when you say they all took " less "
Secondly, I offer this question, If that were the case solely, They were all willing to take less. Why couldn't they have went to another team, that Wade currently hadn't been playing on ( in a state, with no state tax, & took "less")

Why? The reason is simple to me. Collusion!

You don't think this was the plan all along? I do
I think that Lebron & Wade & Bosh all knew this was the plan all along. I'm speculating of course, but there are lots of reasons why I say that.

I'll give 2 examples.

Lets start with Chris Bosh:
Last season, The Raptors were in the playoff chase for the 8th seed. Chris had went down with injury. The medical staff had cleared him to play. Yet, Chris Bosh chose to not play. (6 games) I point this out for 1 reason. The Raptors finished 1 GAME behind the bulls last year, and missed the playoffs.

I believe Bosh already had the idea, no matter what, he's out of there & there was nothing the raptors could do to change that. Money, better players, etc etc etc.
If you think about it, Who would Bosh had to have played in the 1st round? Yep, that's right. His new Teammate #6 Lebron James. (interesting yeah?)

Now Lebron James:
I could go on and on and on and on and on about how we knew Lebron, in hindsight had no intention of resigning with the Cavs. Let me just state the obvious reasons.
The phantom elbow injury. (notice how that hasn't even been brought up since he was bounced from the playoffs?)
The ripping off the Cavs jersey, after the final game as a player. (Did he toss it in the crowd? Nope, he kept it)
"The Decision" Lebron made up his mind Looooooooooong before the season had ended, his "decision" was simply a bad bad bad way of announcing to the world his intentions.

In my opinion, had he did it the appropriate way, he would've returned phone calls to the Cavs ownership rather than shunning them. He could have did the 15 minute interview on ESPN with Wade, & Bosh, with Mike Wilbon to announce his intentions. Instead, he made it into a unneed spectacle & then claimed he was doing it for charity. Good guy / Bad guy.

In finishing, I think the NBA as with most sports now, the players are much more selfish than ever before. Does it hurt the game? Not one bit, but as a fan, I could relate to players from the guys in my youth more so than ever. Maybe it's the younger generation thought process now. I have no idea. I'll just say this though. It definitely makes a team like the Lakers alot more likable now.

So, there's just some of my thoughts on Miami, and how the Summer of 2010 broke down (in a nutshell) of course. I just think it's sad, they play 82 game seasons, when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there will be only a handful of teams that will be competing for the NBA Championship.

I think its sad.


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Post by Oskeet on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:20 pm

Bad for the NBA. Disagree

The NBA has never thrived more than when the Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, Bulls, and all the big market teams have been relevant.

Fact: Ratings have never been higher than when the Lakers play the Celtics in the NBA finals. Go look up the ratings when the Spurs played the Cavs in the finals. Those ratings were piss poor. They got swept in 4 and it wasn’t even a competition.

Every sport feeds off of having the “Evil Empire”. MLB needs the Yankees. Football needs the Cowboys. Soccer needs Man U and Real Madrid. Why? Cause people tune in and watch. You either love them or hate them but you watch. The marketplace has already spoken Stick. Why do you think the Heat is playing Boston in the first game? It would’ve been in Miami too if it wasn’t for the Celtics bitching and crying about how they’re the defending eastern conf champs. Guess who’s playing the Lakers on Christmas? Not the Cavs, not the Bucks, not the Bobcats; The Heat. This is good for the NBA Stick. For god sake we are in August and ESPN is still talking NBA.

Point is, nobody cares about the smaller market teams. The Bucks, Bobcats, Kings, Grizzlies, Hornets, Cavs etc…They don’t produce. IMO those teams only dilute the product that is the NBA.


You’re still talking a difference of about 4 million dollars less for LBJ and Bosh. Even more for Wade cause he signed for 106 mill so that his friend Haslem could be signed. BTW Joe Bleeping Johnson is getting more money the Wade. No other team could offer what Miami could Stick. All three play together in South Beach. Name me ONE team that could’ve offered that.


Agreed. So what. Only team that had the bankroll to pay them all was Miami. Miami was the only front office that did what it had to do to make sure they were at least in the race. Miami gutted the team the last two years making room.

They were FREE AGENTS. Meaning they can choose where they want to go. Why wouldn’t you want to choose where you want to go? This is a business move Stick. You never get to the top of anything by making a move based on heart. Ask any Wall Street banker. Ask Dan Gilbert about his Quicken Business. Mind over Heart.


The “Decision” was clumsy and ill timed. There is no arguing that. Should the Cavs have gotten a heads up? Yes. But if the Cavs didn’t see this coming then that’s on them too. Listen, the Cavs got way too emotional in this whole deal and were blinded by the clear signs that he wasn’t coming back. As an owner of a team you have to see this coming and have a plan B. Plan B for Gilbert was writing an angry fan letter in Crayon.

This might just be a young and old thing Stick. Older people like you like loyalty, leadership, coaching, and stuff like that. You guys buy into what ever it is that the sponsors tell you about a certain athlete, and then when he does the Decision, or when he goes out and bangs every hot model in the world, you’re disappointed.

I believe the educated youth sees it different now. We like Saber metrics in baseball, we like Evil Empires to Love or Hate. We like big markets on our TV.


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Post by Roach on Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:03 am

The heat are not THE BULLS of Jordan and Jordan is not on that HEAT team. My issue with that team? Look at the hawks, lots of 20 point scorers any given night, lots of 10 assist 10 rebound, sure they aren't as super talented as the heat, but it won't work out until probably the third season in.


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