It's prediction time!

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It's prediction time!

Post by Joe on Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:29 pm

Hey all, I want everyone to give their season previews for their respective teams. I want write ups, not little memos. Analyze your team offensively and defensively, then at the end tell us what you expect their record to be. I want this to be a thread where people can familiarize with each team.

I hope this catches on..

Mine will come later. Wink


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Re: It's prediction time!

Post by NYJet4life on Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:16 pm

New York Jets


Last year rex ryan came into the jets as a HC and took the reigns on defense. last year the jets offense was well under average with the rest of the league (although leading in rushing yards) mainly because of the development of awesome mark sanchez. This year i expect the jets to go from their under average offense to just about average (barring any major surprises from mark sanchez hehe)


This is where we start. Mark Sanchez... 3rd generation mexican-american from USC. 2nd year jet. his rookie year was all but good with the jets. it was conservative, shaky,stupid,funny and just plain weird. his rookie year wasnt good, but his play in the playoffs really showed something. it may not be brilliance or anything off the charts tom brady style but he showed alot of poise. completing many 3rd down critical passes and nicely made plays (80 yard touchdown to stone hands during the 1st play in the 2nd quarter against the colts in the championship game) and that play certainly helped the running game move. i say this BECAUSE had sanchez been playing the way he had been ( shitty super shitty ) in the regular season, the bengals/chargers would have been smart to just stack 9 in the box and not worry about sanchez making anything important and just fall under the pressure. but this wasnt the case, mark sanchez was underestimated and was making throws left and right (WHILE still being conservative) and putting the opposing defenses off balance... they were all thinking "well fuck! sanchez is making throws, we cant stack 8-9 in the box anymore!" changing up the gameplan... since sanchez picked up this also OPENED many postives for the fresh legs of shonne greene who tore up the playoffs this way, so in conclusion, shonnes greene dominance came primarily off sanchez's game.

2010 i expect sanchez to get better because the "sophmore slump" isnt really possible with him.. how do you get worse than throwing 12 TDs and idk 20+ interceptions in your rookie season? a sophmore slump for him would be getting injured and being out for the season (god forbid). while learning from rex ryan, and rex ryan learning from sanchez... brian o-so-schottenheimer (and added pieces to the puzzle) sanchez should have a great year compared to his rookie campaign.

The jets ground game was the best in the league last year even while having leon washington injured. leons injury helped the emergence of shonne "mean" greene in the league. last year shonne was the engine of the jets playoff push up untill his injury in the 1st half of the championship ultimatley causing the jets downfall to the damn colts.

this year i expect shonne greene to stack ontop of a great rookie campaign he had last year and he'll blast into the league with about 1200 yards and 8 TDs just to show people he aint playin around. Twisted Evil

the back up RBs consist of LT and joe "Mcwhat?" Mcknight. LT is a future HOFer with little left in the gas tank. even though he lost a step, or 2, or 3, or 50 for you fucking haters. he will still have
a contribuition and help the development of mark sanchez, because he can also catch from the backfield. our oline is definatly not something to be compared with the chargers oline too.
LT brings the versatility in the RBs he will not be the primary back.

The Oline consist of 2 pro bowlers and 1 former pro bowler + a promising big rookie out of umass. 4 out of the 5 lineman are together for the last 3 years and are tighter than ever. putting this rookie in the middle with the likes of mangold, d brick should be great for the rookie to learn. with that being said the oline is still tops in the league and ready to make the ground and pound lead again.

WR/TE corpse:

So last years sub par offense consisted of jcotch, braylon edwards (after a few games), rising star do it all receiving TE dustin keller. HELL, i dont even remember who was last years slot receiver.... david clowney to be exact. that isnt a greeat receiving corpse if you ask me. they all gathered up 2440 yards from sanchez.

this year we got santonio holmes whos somewhat like jcotch but more physical and bigger i believe (im too lazy to go check) Mr. stonehands who in REALITY isnt all that bad for you haters... mr.stonehands stretches the field weather you like it or not, leaving santonio,jcotch,keller,LT freeier in the short distance, screen, up the middle plays. that helps sanchez a great deal where last year he had stonehands to stretch, jcotch and keller to catch and clowney barely shows up either way. in 2010 the passing game will definatly see a huge upgrade over last years passing game because of these certain things, especially depending on the development of mark sanchez.
i could easily see 2700-3000 yards from mark sanchez this year with 23+ TD's and about 12 INTs


Ah yes, the #1 Defense in the league. it will only get better folks. nothing you really say will alter the fact that the #1 defense in the league last year will get better this year. Who were the leaders last year? Bart scott maybe? Davis harris? DARRELLE REVIS? Kris jenkins?(naw impossible he played for like 5 games) , jim leonhard? calvin pace? ( who btw missed 4 games) , shaun ellis?...
we would ALL agree on revis island being the difference maker... but those guys i just mentioned, havent went anywhere... the defense they learned in 1 year to make it the best is just beginning.

well for starters we got baby jenks back, fine hes got 2 surgically repaired ACLs but we still think he can play at a high level, occupy 2 blockers which is what we need our NT to do in a 3-4. shaun ellis is back and we moved gholston back to DE, which seems like is working out btw, well only find out when the season starts. gholston also plans to bulk up another 20 pounds by the season opener. the loss of douglas hurts a bit because he was a solid player in the run D. but you will be seeing alot of rotational between gholston, pouha (who last year has shown he can step up since the absense of jenks) devito whos a good backup.. and MY SLEEPER PICK, ROPATI PITOUITA, the 6-8 330 pounds monster from HAWAIII. In the end, the Dline is getting older true, but it is still solid for 2010.


heres where we get into some fun here. long time dolphin, and "jets hater" jason taylor is now a jet OLB. what the fuck? ok fine i accept him only because he will be sacking chad henne this year not sanchez. jason tayler might be getting a bit old but i prefer him over adalius thomas and bryan thomas. he is a sure HOFer and he can still put pressure on the QB even if he isnt having double digit sack seasons. other than that we have Bart scott whos a great ILB, pairing up with david harris inside also would just make things better. harris will be in his 3rd year and his production will just get better, hes a budding pro bowler for years to come. on the other side we got calvin pace now for OLB and he wont miss any games this season ( last year gholston did shit in his place the 1st 4 games). this looks like a nice LB core when you put them together.

Defensive backs:

Cornerbacks, cornerbacks, and MORE CORNERBACKS!!! this is what rex ryan loves, his defense is all about the cornerbacks baby (fuck the benjamins lol lol! ) Revis island is back once again and this time he has some real teamates! last year revis wasnt getting any help from lito sheppard who was EITHER injured OR getting his ass whooped all over the field (leading to those injuries maybe heheh) and a young learning nickelback in lowery. derrick coleman was the 4th back and that wasnt any fun when we played manning in the playoffs.

in 2010 we got some weird upgrades, first we started out by grabbing antonio cromartie who was a pro-bowl stellar player in 2007, in 08 and 09 with injuries and the wrong gameplan cromartie just kinda dropped outta the map. he was highly touted as an athletic freak, big guy, and a top cover corner( i said cover not tackle). In 2007 his 10 INT season was because of a certain gameplan he was constantly playing. it was the "bump n run" which is basicly to just to bump up front then drop back and cover the WR. he WASNT made for run support which in rex ryans system is why he'll fit in cuz he will be mainly used to isolate the WR. so we got revis island and a good cover corner opposite revis, where will the qb throw to? well slot receiver is kinda gone now since we somehow drafted kyle wilson in the 1st round. kyle is quick, fast, good size and PHYSICAL. hes got all the skills to become the next revis. but for now he'll do at nickel. that would move our 4th CB to lowery which isnt bad.

Our Safety is my main concern. i still havent figured out why Rex ryan didnt draft a safety or didnt try to trade for one. im guessing hes high on brodney pool to do what he likes and kinda praying he doesnt get hurt. brodney when not in a concussion can hit hard, he covers well and is just a solid young safety. we still have jim leonhard whos a great hard hitter, good blitzer and can call out the plays. im expecting a little emergence from james ihedigibo this year at safety since brodney pool aint really that probowl type. i expect brodney pool to roll over some to cromartie sometimes for the over the top help since revis can hold his own with practically anyone besides God. afro

In the end with these new pieces and a tigher defense im 100% sure rex ryan is drooling at the mouth everyday while making new schemes for the defense to perfect at since we got 2 good corners and a 1st round nickel back. i would have loved to see an upgrade on the defensive line to help put more pressure on the QBs this year but im pretty sure rex knows what hes doing with his defense. lets hope everyone meshes well together and take the team to the superowl.

my prediction is the jets lead the league again with the #1 defense by even a wider margin and the offense goes up to abou #12-17. theyll finish 11-5 or 10-6 with the AFC east title.
Finally, the jets will go about as far as mark sanchez will take them, if he plays the pass well like he did in the playoffs in 09, the run game will be there, the defense will be stout and we will get to the big game in dallas this year Smile

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Post by Tebow2Moreno on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:25 pm

Broncos Season Preview
08-09 Season: 8-8 2nd in the AFC WEST
Major Departures: Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler, Andra Davis, Vonnie Holliday, Mike Nolan
Major Acquisitions: Akin Ayodele, Justin Bannan, Jarvis Green, Jamal Williams

No doubt in my mind that Kyle Orton will be the Starter for the year, after a career year in Denver. I expect a much better season from Kyle Orton after the O-line got stronger and younger up front, while getting more Wide Receivers for Kyle Orton to throw to who was limited to throwing 5 yard screens (it seemed) every time to Brandon Marshall. I would also expect to see the playbook open up much more this time around for him, after a very solid 09 Season.
I except Tim Tebow to have an effect for the broncos this up coming season whether it’s in the locker room or in the wildcat. Personally I would love to see Tebow run the wildcat in the red zone for the team, which could help out some of the problems the team had last year.

Much attention has been focused on the QB position during Denver's off-season. If not the QB position, many folks are inclined to study the many changes made at the defensive line. However, Denver's biggest surprise may come at the RB position. Why? There is more beef on the offensive line, a former first round RB entering his first year as a veteran, and a QB more capable of distracting teams with the passing game after a year's experience in the Denver system. If the Denver run game can make a mark on the League this year, everything else can fall more easily into place.
I expect Denver will use a committee by approach to the RB position, using two backs to carry the ball (with Moreno getting most of the carries) in each game. I also expect Denver to use single back sets for virtually all of their offensive formations. Denver will expect their backs to play in some screen plays. Backs will need to be capable of catching the ball or blocking for whoever takes the pass. I expect the majority of screen passes to go to receivers, not to backs and TEs.
Also, the transition away from the zone block system is completed this year. This is not to say that there won't be occasional zone blocks (most if not every team uses them every now and then).

WR’s/ TE’s:
First-round rookie Demaryius Thomas is more of a deep weapon and may have to develop as a route runner. That said, coaches like his intelligence and expect him to be the No. 1 option right away. The veteran wide outs – Jabar Gaffney, Eddie Royal, and Brandon Stokley – are all built to be short-to-intermediate receivers. Of the bunch, Royal stands out. He was expected to use his speed and shiftiness to become this offense’s Wes Welker, but he struggled in the system and followed his 91-catch, 980-yard rookie season with a 37-catch, 345-yard sophomore campaign. I expect this group to be much more balanced than Marshall’s one man Wide out show last season.
With Scheffler gone, Daniel Graham – the best blocking tight end in football – might expect to finally get his wish for a bigger role in the passing game. But Graham shouldn’t get his hopes up. Even though the only other drafted tight end on the roster – last year’s second-round pick Richard Quinn – is strictly a blocker, Denver will most likely use a fourth wide out in the slot that Scheffler often occupied.

The offensive line should be just fine. The Broncos said goodbye to veterans Ben Hamilton and Casey Wiegmann, and drafted Zane Beadles and J.D. Walton in the second and third rounds. Beadles was a left tackle at Utah but is expected to eventually take over for utility backup Russ Hochstein as the starting left guard (thank god). Walton is a limited but gritty drive-blocker who may wind up starting at center.
Left tackle Ryan Clady is more equipped for a zone system, but players with his rare gifts can thrive in any scheme. Clady’s biggest challenge will be recovering from the patellar tendon tear he suffered while playing pickup basketball in late April. Right tackle Ryan Harris hopes off-season toe surgery will solve the problems that caused him to take a step back in ’09. If Harris is healthy, he and underrated guard Chris Kuper –who signed a five-year, $25.5 million contract extension in the off-season – could form the best right-side blocking tandem in the league.

After a surprisingly solid 09 Campaign for the Defense under then DC Mike Nolan, Take Away Mike Nolan, Insert Don “wink” Martindale (who as the LB coach last year for the broncos) they now have a much more aggressive attack on D. Then they signed longtime Chargers nose tackle Jamal Williams to a three-year deal, Ravens end Justin Bannan to a five-year deal and Patriots end Jarvis Green to four-year deal. Knee problems dogged him before, but before ’09, Williams had missed only four games in five years, and he’d become better with age. Bannan and Green are both high-energy career backups who understand the 3-4. They’ll give the front line the lateral run-stopping skills. Former starters Ryan McBean, Ron Fields and Marcus Thomas now provide solid depth.

With quality linemen finally in front of him, there’s no reason inside linebacker D.J. Williams can’t have a career year. Williams is as fine an athlete as you’ll find, but he needs to be more of a hunter. Mario Haggan will compete with Akin Ayodele for the other inside job (Andra Davis was released). Both have good size and are straight-line players with limited range. As it currently stands, Elvis Dumervil is this D’s only legit pass-rusher. Being 5-11 allows Dumervil to play with outstanding natural leverage, which augments his quickness and unassuming strength. After a league-leading 17 sacks in his debut at outside linebacker, he is pining for the financial stability of a long-term contract.
Robert Ayers needs to step-up and have a solid season in order for Dumervil to have more QB Sack attempts. And for the defense overall to be great.

CB’s/ Safeties:
Even with an improved front seven, teams will still try to run against this Broncos D. After all, it beats having to face the secondary. Champ Bailey and Andre Goodman might be the best man-to-man cornerback tandem in the N.F.L. Being over 30, they both rely on sound technique, and they both remain superior athletes.
Of course, as free safety Brian Dawkins shows, age doesn’t always matter. Dawkins turns 37 in October but is coming off his eighth Pro Bowl. He hasn’t lost any of his motor, pop or closing quickness. Dawkins’s heir, Darcel McBath, was drafted in the second round last year and shows true star potential. The signing of Dolphins free agent Nate Jones tells you the Broncos didn’t expect Alphonso Smith to earn the nickel job in 2010, but the second-round pick turned heads with an impressive off-season.

Special Teams:
Matt Prater is a good young kicker. Britton Colquitt became the fourth member of his family to punt in the N.F.L. when he signed as an undrafted rookie last December. He didn’t see the field but will get first crack at the punting job in training camp. Shiftiness and acceleration make Eddie Royal a potentially lethal return specialist – just ask the San Diego Chargers.

Prediction: You probably won’t win a Super Bowl with Kyle Orton, but you can maybe win a wild-card game. The Broncos aren’t explosive offensively, but they have the right personnel for McDaniel’s offense. If the improved front seven can stop the run, the defense is top-10 caliber. And if the Offense is more opened and O-Line improves, and with a Much easier schedule and improvement everywhere I see the Broncos going 10-6 maybe 11-5 and at least challenging the chargers for the AFC WEST title.


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DABEARS going all the way

Post by DABEARS on Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:42 pm


Jay Cutler was to blame for all except a small handful of his league-leading 26 interceptions. Cutler’s penchant for mistakes in the red zone was most alarming. But mistakes happen when you ask a cocky young gunslinger to lead a thoroughly untalented offense. Cutler played behind perhaps the worst line in football. LT Orlando Pace should not have been on an NFL roster last year, let alone in a starting lineup. RT Chris Williams was better than Pace but still below average. The interior line’s lack of vibrancy exposed Matt Forte as a plodding, stiff runner with no lateral agility or acceleration. The callow receiving corps was equally unreliable.


Brian Urlacher was sorely missed. Weakside linebacker Lance Briggs was a machine, but he shines brightest in a supporting role. Nick Roach flashed as a middle linebacker, but when he moved outside so Hunter Hillenmeyer could step in, Chicago’s run defense became very average. It was still better than the pass defense, though. The Bears got next to nothing from speedy DE Alex Brown, and DT Tommie Harris was his All-World self only part of the time. With the four-man pass-rush generally ineffective, the secondary’s simplistic schemes were easily exploited. All four top corners lacked speed and the requisite fluidity to thrive in man coverage. Also, like the safeties, the corners failed to generate big plays.

Top 4 Needs

1. Offensive Tackle

Chris Williams showed hints of improvement after moving to his natural LT position late in the season. But he’s by no means a stable presence heading into 2010. The Bears will give him a shot, though, because with no major plans for free agency, and no first-or second-round draft choices, the best they can do is bring in a solid RT. Incumbent Kevin Shaffer won’t cut it.

2. Wide Receiver

The ultra raw Devin Hester simply hasn’t cooked as a wide receiver. He needs to be a return specialist who occasionally comes in for gimmick plays. Earl Bennett is too sluggish to scare anyone as a starter, and speedy Johnny Knox is too small to be an everydown force.

3. Guard

Josh Beekman and Roberto Garza offer decent mobility and little else. The Bears need an imposing, versatile guard to give some life to the run game and allow Olin Kreutz to prove he’s still a Pro Bowl center.

4. Defensive Back

Ever since injuries robbed Nathan Vasher of his confidence, the Bears’ secondary has been a reactionary unit that surrenders far more big plays than it makes. Five different safeties have seen meaningful snaps, but not a single one has impressed. The cornerback slot opposite solid zone defender Charles Tillman has been just as tenuous.

keys to the season
Chris Harris must play STRONG safety. He has definitely lost a step and does not cover as much ground as he once did. Also he is good at stopping the run.

Tommie Harris must be at his former Pro-bowl level.

Julius Peppers must play like he did during nationally televised games in Carolina every game.

Frank Omiyale has to be a solid right tackle for the Martz system to be effective.

If Zack Bowman is going to be at the top of the CB depth chart, he better learn how to cover much better.

Matt Forte needs to be back to his rookie form.

Jay Cutler needs to make smarter decisions and put more touch on his throws.

The new Mike Martz offense must click early and be effective on the ground as well as through the air.

The defense must stay healthy.

Devin Aromashodu needs to be on the field early and often

im prediction 10-6 wildcard


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Re: It's prediction time!

Post by crass420 on Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:30 pm

Now Now Now....we all know the powerhouse of the Dallas you really need me to break it down by positions....Heres the short and skinny on the boys...We got rid of a bum here and there....we added a future number one reciever in Dez after Kim Dumbassian screws up Austin....Our Defense is tip top baby with Gimpy Newman taking it to the number one recievers....and the man that'll take it home for us is the one the only...haters call him homo...we call him F***ing Romo Baby

Prediction 12-4.....SuperBowl Champs Baby Beating AFC Team By 20pts

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Re: It's prediction time!

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