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Post by STICKTV on Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:03 am

There are a number of people unfamiliar with the website It's the menu used at STICKTV since the beginning.

The Following Tutorial will be your information guide to adding music to the menu.

• Step 1: Click Manage Channels
• Step 2: enter sticktv_music for username
• Step 3: enter sticktvmusic for password
♦️ Step 4: Adding the music.
• Goto Admin section of menu. fince Add
• Popup box will open line 1 Add youtube URL
• Line 2 Artist name + Song Title
• Line 3 Type "Added by: Your Name Here"
• Step 5 Check the box that says you agree to terms of service & then click OK to close box
• Step 6 To Publish music click Cache

NOTE PLEASE KEEP THE MENU "CLEAN" Since EVERYONE HAS ACCESS. It will be helpful to OTHERS if you keep YOUR Music TOGETHER with a Uniform "LOOK"

It's NOT MY JOB to Clean up YOUR Mistakes. IF you have questions, I have NO PROBLEM answering them in chat. Don't hesitate to ask. Please refrain from NUDITY!

Most Importantly. HAVE FUN... This is for ALL OF US, Show Us Your Taste in Music!

Thank you

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