Final January Edition of 2010 NFL Mock Draft

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Final January Edition of 2010 NFL Mock Draft

Post by YungMoney on Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:56 pm

- Shout out to StickTV for allowing me this opportunity to share my work
- For gametape of all the first round picks, see the comprehensive mock draft posts.

Andre aka Yung's 2010 Draft Picks Final JANUARY Edition

#1 -- DT Ndamukung Suh

#2 -- DT Gerald McCoy

#3 -- DE Derrick Morgan

#4 -- QB Sam Bradford

#5 -- FS/SS Eric Berry

#6 -- OT Russell Okung

#7 -- CB Joe Haden

#8 -- OT Anthony Davis

#9 -- QB Jimmy Clausen

#10 -- OLB Sergio Kindle

#11 -- NT Terrence Cody

#12 -- WR Dez Bryant

#13 -- SS Taylor Mays

#14 -- RB CJ Spiller

#15 -- OT Trent Williams

#16 -- DE Everson Griffin

#17 -- OT Bryan Bulaga

#18 -- ILB Rolando McClain

#19 -- CB Kyle Wilson

#20 -- FS Earl Thomas

#21 -- TE Aaron Hernandez

#22 -- DE Brandon Graham

#23 -- S Chad Jones

#24 -- CB Perrish Cox

#25 -- WR Brandon Lafell

#26 -- TE Jermaine Gresham

#27 -- OT Bruce Campbell

#28 -- DT Dan Williams

#29 -- DT Jared Odrick

#30 -- QB Colt McCoy

#31 -- DE Corey Wootton

#32 -- OLB Sean Weatherspoon

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Re: Final January Edition of 2010 NFL Mock Draft

Post by HoosierLuke on Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:16 pm

Nice work Yung. It looks like you've made several changes from your first version, including dropping Dunlap to the mid-first round range. I think the Redskins could be the real variable at the top of the draft. Do they dump Campbell and draft a QB for Shanahan to develop, or do they address their needs on the OL? My guess is much will depend on how Bradford's workouts go. If he throws well, it could minimize some of the concerns about his shoulder, maybe making him a possibility at 5. As you have stated, Bradford's stock was through the roof before he got hurt.

I wonder if you might have Cody too high. I would worry about his weight issues. Dez Bryant to the Dolphins would be a nice pick. They need a receiver who can actually catch the ball (I'm thinking of you Ted Ginn). I wonder how Pete Carroll will shape Seattle's draft. They could go in several different directions including RB like you have them going here. McClain to the Steelers would be interesting. Gresham to the Bengals is a good call. They have had so many injuries at TE.

Clausen to the Vikes would be a steal that late imo. Favre has to retire one of these years doesn't he? I wonder what the Cardinals might do. They have a pretty nice, balanced team. Would they consider taking another QB if Warner does retire after the season, perhaps hoping to light a fire under Leinart. I guess it depends on if they think Leinart could lead this team to the playoffs.

As for my Colts, who knows. I have never successfully predicted one of Polian's first round picks. He always takes the best player on his board, regardless of needs. He's also been known to trade out of the late first round (this is what he did the year he took Bob Sanders in the 2nd round). One thing about him, he loves guys from big-time college programs, especially the Big Ten.

There you go Yung, some mock draft feedback.


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Re: Final January Edition of 2010 NFL Mock Draft

Post by NYJet4life on Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:51 pm

not bad of a mock draft young

1st, rams are definatly getting suh, but dont be surprised if they go the lions route and pick up a qb with the 1st pick this year or trade down to get a 2nd rounder and pick a qb somewhere in the middle of the 1st round. because having suh wont upgrade ur franchise IMMEDIATLY, especially without having a decent QB or Oline to account for it

2. i dont think the lions need a DT atm, but their defense does suck really bad, i would say that they draft an o-lineman like russell okung, to start protection stafford and for kevin smith... but thats just me

4. yes yes and yes jason campbell SUCKS. if shanny is smart he would do this, also get some other WR from the FA to accompany moss or something

as much as i hate to say it, eric berry will probably go to the chiefs even though i want him to be a jet.

I wouldnt let Joe haden slip out of the falcons reach, they might do something crazy for him on draft day. also good call on jahvid best to the giants, cuz really brandon jacobs is going downhill from their. same with CJ spiller to the seahawks. i think the broncos go taylor mays on this one, mount cody will be in the higher teens due to his weight problems... good call on the ravens getting a WR and the dolphins getting dez bryant, that would be scary for us AFC east people next year.

the 49ers will not let colt mccoy slip out of their reach if hes their, no way no how... alex smith cant get it done, neither can shaun hill or watever.. they have a good running game, now its time to bring in colt mccoy who can pass the ball anywhere on the field. they probably go Oline in the 2nd round but not to pass on mccoy.

as for the vikings however theyre probably gunna have to invest a 2nd or 3rd round pick on a QB like pike or whatever cuz all the good 1s will be taken by the time they get the pick.

as for my jets, idk who odrick is but its wither mount cody or no DT in the 1st round because we need someone HUGE like kris jenkins to use their body for the killing. if we cant get cody i would have to say we get some pass rushing DE or OLB to replace bryan thomas, i havent done much research so im not sure who are some possibilities. maybe trade up a bit in the 2nd round to guaruntee drafting damian williams for sanchez, cuz braylon edwards is making me sick to my stomach.

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Re: Final January Edition of 2010 NFL Mock Draft

Post by skbballer34 on Tue Feb 09, 2010 7:34 pm

i dont think colt mccoy is gonna fall that low yung im pretty sure he will be drafted higher then that

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Re: Final January Edition of 2010 NFL Mock Draft

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