Playoff Bracket Challenge

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Playoff Bracket Challenge

Post by Joe on Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:09 pm

Welcome to the first annual NBA Playoff Bracket Challenge!

We will be doing picks round by round. Each pick is worth 2 points; if you get the series right you get 1 more point.

Copy this to make your picks


Spurs vs Jazz - (series)
Grizzlies vs Clippers -
Lakers vs Nuggets -
Thunder vs Mavericks -


Bulls vs 76ers -
Celtics vs Hawks -
Pacers vs Magic -
Heat vs Knicks -

My picks:


Spurs vs Jazz - 4-0
Grizzlies vs Clippers - 4-2
Lakers vs Nuggets - 4-3
Thunder vs Mavericks - 4-2


Bulls vs 76ers - 4-1
Celtics vs Hawks - 4-3
Pacers vs Magic - 4-1
Heat vs Knicks - 4-2

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