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Andre's Picks 21-32 of 2010 NFL Mock Draft | Bengals - Patriots - Packers - Eagles - Ravens - Cardinals - Cowboys - Chargers - Jets - Vikings - Colts - Saints

Post by YungMoney on Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:38 pm

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****Post-Playoff Order****

#21 Bengals (10-6) +Won AFC North (.492): TE Aaron Hernandez

Team Analysis: The Bengals fell apart down the stretch, and it was readily apparent that their efforts over the past 5 years to keep talented yet character-deficient players on their team, were undertakings to keep the team competitive. Palmer has been an immense letdown as of late, and whether it be because the loss of deep-threat WR Chris Henry, or the aging of WR Chad Ochocinco, the former 1st overall pick has not shown growth since his promising 2005 season - a season in which the young team made the Playoffs and both lost to their division-rival Steelers and lost their 2nd year starting QB for an entire season. Palmer's career is at a crossroads, and while the running game and defense has come on strong, the window is inexorably closing for this franchise, in that regard acquiring talented Offensive threats (specifically on the outside) must be the focus of Marvin Lewis.

WR Andre Caldwell has shown significant growth and looks to be TJ Houshmanzadeh's long-term replacement, however former 2nd round pick WR Jerome Simpson (taken in 2008 ahead of both Caldwell and Pro Bowl WR DeSean Jackson) has been a huge failure thus far; it should be questioned as to how long he will be kept around.

Pick Analysis: Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham lost his Senior to a knee injury suffered four days prior to the Sooners 2009-2010 season (cartilage damage). He is an immensely talented offensive threat who is deficient only in footspeed, however he has a complete game in the mold of emerging Jaguars star TE Marcedes Lewis; at this point in time, Gresham carries a higher grade than Lewis during his 2006 draft process, and while he and his QB ended their final college year on the sideline, both may still become the first player taken at their respective positions.

TE Aaron Hernandez is another immensely talented player who was utilized as a "playmaker" who lined up primarily as a Tight End, but also at a few other positions in the Gators spread Offense system. Hernandez has all the tools and seems like a cross between Kellen Winslow Jr and Dallas Clark, both Pro Bowl caliber players. It is apparent from his gametape that he played the Tight End position much like the "skill" players utilized at other positions in coach Urban Meyer's offense - and he did it with speed, explosiveness, agressiveness, and toughness; he is probably a better overall athlete than Gresham. Though Hernandez has off-the-field issues, the Bengals have a track record for forgoing those character deficiencies in order to give their team a competitive chance, as the NFL is a league of playmakers 1st.

If Gresham runs well at either the combine, his Pro Day, or both I have no doubt that he'll probably be the guy, however his gametape does not show a player with great footspeed, though he does run with the strength of an "ox"; he plays the position like an NBA Power Forward. Carson Palmer's preference may in all likelihood decide this selection, and given that Caldwell has transitioned to the NFL well from the Urban Meyer "spread" offense - to include the reasons previously stated - Hernandez likely has the advantage.

- TE Aaron Hernandez # 81 --

#22 Patriots (10-6) +Won AFC East (.516): DE Brandon Graham

If Vince Wilfork is allowed to hit free agency, NT Terrance Cody or NT Dan Williams could go here.

All in all, I believe that other than Dunlap, Graham, Hughes, Cunningham, Spikes, Cody, Odrick, Jason Worilds, or Dan Williams will be considered here.

Florida's Jermaine Cunningham is a sleeper of mine. I personally see him as a mid 2nd to mid 3rd round pick, but the competition at pass rushing OLB will be fierce this year, given the depth of talent which will be available to franchises in need of a player. While I like Cunningham, I actually believe that teams are less fearful than ever before of taking small-school prospects who have produced very well, i.e. TCU DE/OLB Jerry Hughes. The Patriots are known to wheel and deal if they don't believe theyre getting the best value for their pick, which may be the case if they have a specific player targeted and believe they may get him at a cheaper price. Nevertheless, the former Horned Frog has had a stellar career at TCU, earning All American honors and an invite to the Senior Bowl and Combine; thus far he declined the Senior Bowl invitation while teammate LB Daryl Wahington lit the practice sessions up, and likely made himself some money. Hughes possesses the coveted ability to dip his shoulder and sustain his acceleration to the QB - when coming off the edge. However, given that Hughes declined a Senior Bowl invite, his ability to "stack and shed" against the run is still in question, especially against NFL caliber lineman (of which he wouldve seen at the Senior Bowl). Hughes is a converted RB much like many of the pro prospects who come out of TCU, and has the type of production wanted in a 1st round pick. He has the opportunity to bring his name back into heavy contention in this slot if he performs well in the Combine/Pro Day weight-training sessions, as current Patriots OLB's Derrick Burgess and Adalius Thomas will not be the longterm answers at the position - especially given Thomas' insubordination to Coach Bill Bellichick; Hughes must learn to use his hands more, as his speed will not catch NFL-Lineman by surprise. Then you have probably the most multidimensional LB of the last 5 years in Florida Senior Brandon Spikes. Spikes is a playmaker, and while he does not have great foot speed, he has great explosion of the snap, explosion into the ball carrier, explosion when attacking a pulling Lineman, fluidity dropping into the zone and shaking an offensive lineman while rushing, and the ability to understand coverage and make plays on the football in the passing game. He is a multirole LB and a prototypical playmaker for the 3-4 defense. If he showed better longspeed on tape, he'd be a top 10 pick. As a pass rusher who applied more QB pressures than actual sacks in the ACC, the Junior Virginia Tech entry DE/OLB Jason Worilds possesses the "first step" that NFL defensive coaches covet in an edge rusher. His questions amount to hip flexibility in terms of dropping into coverage, pure speed, hand placement and technique (like Jerry Hughes), and most importantly the ability to "stack and shed" or be stout against the run; his 6'1" 260lb frame doesn't do him many favors in that arena. Lastly is the aforementioned DE/OLB Brandon Graham, the 6'1" 263lb Michigan Wolverine who compiled a whopping 20 quarterback sacks in his Junior & Senior years. Graham also had one of the best performances at the combine, and despite the fact that he is likely to disappoint at the Combine, productive, stout, and competitive players like Graham have been the backbones of their respective defenses once they reached the NFL. Players like former 2nd round pick DE/OLB LaMarr Woodley and DE/OLB Elvis Dumerville, both of whom werent the greatest athletes coming out, but have translated their high-caliber College production to the NFL. While Everson Griffin will also be a strong consideration here given his complete game, he may be gone prior to pick 22. Other OLB/DEs to be considered are Virginia Tech's Jason Worilds and Florida's Jermaine Cunningham - though likely 2nd - 4th round prospects. The enigma who is DE Carlos Dunlap will also get keen looks if he is available at this junction in the draft, given his production and talent-level as a versatile 6'6" 290lb Defensive Lineman.

It is highly intriguing that Graham, Worilds, Cunningham, and Hughes are all essentially 6'1" 260lbs, so it will be intriguing to see not only who goes first, but what ability or what item on their resume stands to garner that player the most guaranteed money.

Jan 12, 2010:

- Patriots OLB Adalius Thomas wound up playing just 54% of the team's snaps on defense in 2009.
Thomas was supposed to be New England's top pass rusher but was taken off the field on obvious passing downs, which isn't a good sign. He turns 33 before next season and has likely lost a step. Thomas won't be a Patriot in 2010, barring a major (and unlikely) pay cut from his $4.9M scheduled salary.

- Free agent DE/OLB Derrick Burgess said Tuesday that he would "love to move forward" as a member of the Patriots.
Burgess took awhile to convert from 4-3 end to 3-4 outside linebacker, but finished the year with an impact, racking up three sacks in the last four games. There will be a sizable market for the 31-year-old's services in March.

- DE Brandon Graham #55 --

#23 Packers (11-5) +Wildcard Birth (.428): S Chad Jones

Franchise News:
(Jan. 27 - 11:31 pm et) The Packers are expected to attempt to re-sign free agent LT Chad Clifton. Getting Clifton's deal done is the team's No. 2 priority currently, behind NT Ryan Pickett. Clifton, however, is only viewed as a "safeguard" re-signing. The Packers will likely use an early-round pick on a left tackle in April's draft.

(Jan. 31 - 10:13 am et) Beat writer Pete Dougherty suggests that the Packers could bring back impending free agent RT Mark Tauscher (contract ends post-2009 season) as a backup. Tauscher really stabilized the Packers' line in 2009 after joining the starting lineup in October. He's 32 and had two major knee surgeries, but he still could be the Packers' best option at right tackle. The Packers would be well served to sign him to a short-term deal while continuing to develop T.J. Lang and Breno Giacomini.

(Jan. 17 - 2:33 pm et) Packers SS Atari Bigby finished 2009 without a single tackle for loss in 13 starts. He had four picks (no team's DBs catch as well as Green Bay's), but his strength is supposed to be in run support. Bigby is also easily the team's weakest defensive back in coverage. The Packers will likely look for an upgrade in the draft, which is deep at virtually every position, including safety.

(Dec. 7 - 7:37 pm et) Packers declared OL Allen Barbre, WR Biren Ealy, CB Josh Bell, FB Quinn Johnson, S Matt Giordano, T Breno Giacomini, DE Michael Montgomery, and LB Jeremy Thompson inactive for Week 13. Barbre was once the starting RT but struggled mightily and is now dealing with an ankle injury. Thompson suffered a neck injury on Friday and may not play for the rest of the season.

(Jan. 30 - 11:46 am et) Packers GM Ted Thompson says he believes that T.J. Lang can play left tackle in the NFL. Lang doesn't possess the length of your usual blind-side tackle and struggled badly against Jared Allen as a rookie. By saying this, Thompson may already be posturing for the draft. Finding a long-term left tackle needs to be a priority for Green Bay. Lang would better fit as a swing-type reserve.

Most notably however, Thompson in his jockeying to cover the hand dealt to him, didnt say anything about Lang being a starting Left Tackle in this league. There's really no doubt in my mind that if Bulaga is on the board, the Packers will snatch him up in a heartbeat.

- S Chad Jones #3 --

#24 Eagles (10-6) +Wildcard Birth (.484): CB Perrish Cox

Team Analysis: Andy Reid is known to have a specific protocol when it comes to draft day and free agency, and under said protocol it is apparent that he values lineman and CBs most. Andy Reid is known for drafting replacements for veteran CBs before their time is done. As he drafted CBs Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown in rounds 1 and 2 respectively in 2002 to replace Pro Bowlers CBs Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor, the beat will continue to go on with Coach Andy Reid drafting replacements for his current veteran CBs before their time is done. The Eagles Secondary has allowed far too many big plays, and is need of a talent upgrade.

"Sheldon Brown declined to complain about his contract situation as players met with the media on Sunday.
Brown, who signed a six-year, $30M deal in 2004, has made it well known that he feels underpaid. He went public with his frustrations last summer, but it got him nowhere. It looks like he's going to take a different route this offseason. Brown probably deserves a raise as one of the toughest and most underrated corners in the league, but the Eagles won't be quick to hand one out."

Draft Analysis:
CB SydQuan Thompson has been compared to former top 10 pick Adam "Pac Man" Jones (without the off field issues), however he displayed only marginal speed both on his gametape and at the Senior Bowl. While Thompson has a great break on the ball, and knows what to do with it in his hands, his speed will be a deterrant and may have him fighting with Javier Arenas to be the 5th or 6th CB off the board. Other troubling attributes to SydQuan's game is his inability to track the deep ball - again another one of his struggles at the Senior Bowl. All in all however, he did play well during the Senior Bowl, and while his flaws were apparent, they weren't outside the realm of what most scouts knew prior to the All Star game. Much like fellow Senior CB Javier Arenas, look for SydQuan to be at the very least 3rd rounder in the 2010 NFL Draft.

In terms of athleticism, size, and speed, CB Patrick Robinson is in the mold of former USF Bull and the 2008 NFL Draft’s 25th overall pick, CB Mike Jenkins. He has the tools and the “program pedigree” (ie FSU Corner who has been lauded as the next great NFL playmaker). However Robinson's inconsistencies and overall awareness for the position is worrisome, and based on his tape, it makes me wonder if he's one of those guys who fly up draftboards every year due to their pure athleticism; see:

Most importantly are the two best CBs who will be left on the board after Joe Haden is selected in the top 10, CBs Kyle Wilson and Perrish Cox. Both have good skill-sets, and if Cox never blundered off the field, he couldve been in competition with Haden to be the first CB taken in the 2010 draft. Nevertheless, Cox did blunder and while he has all the skills, instincts, and versatility to be a top CB in the NFL, his character issues stand to cost him draft day money. Its likely that if Kyle Wilson runs any where sub 4.41, he will be selected prior to Cox.

For Eagles fans however, their team will be rejuvinated with yet another explosive and versatile athlete, whose production is only shadowed by his character issues.

- CB Perrish Cox #16 --

#25 Ravens (9-7) +Wildcard (.523): WR Brandon LaFell

A slightly shorter and slower version of Calvin Johnson. LaFell has the ability to get in and out of his breaks, with speed and explosiveness. An interesting tenet which works in LaFell’s favor is the fact that he routinely worked out of the slot at LSU - and effortlessly and productively accomplished his allotted role very formidably considering not only LSU’s struggles at QB, but given that he is at least 6’2” 210, which is far from the vogue smurf WRs who are considered the prototypical slot WRs in the NFL. However, I don’t project him to be solely a slot WR, but a playmaker who can be moved and utilized at every Reveiver position - both outside and in. He also is very astute and capable of getting off the jam, whether with his responsive physicality, or suddenness off the line - traits which were noticeably apparent on his gametape. WR Damian Williams and WR Golden Tate will also be considered by Ozzie Newsome; all 3 grade out very closely to each other.

Given the fact that QB Joe Flacco has an elite NFL arm, I would probably give the advantage to the WR who runs best at the combine.

- WR Brandon LaFell #1 --

#26 Cardinals (10-6) +Wildcard (.441): TE Jermaine Gresham

(if unavailable, next pick is as follows: TE Aaron Hernandez or TE Jermaine Gresham)

Franchise Analysis: The Cardinals have been the "divas" of the NFL for the past two years, given both the resurgence of likely Hall of Famer QB Kurt Warner, and the fact that former draft picks WR Larry Fitzgerald, S Adrian Wilson, S Antrel Rolle, LB Karlos Dansby, DE Calais Campbell, DE Darnell Dockett, WR Anquan Boldin, and numerous other players on their current roster have been money. Such draft success sets the stage for both playoff contention and Superbowl contention as witnessed in both 2008 and 2009. However with the retirement of QB Kurt Warner, the player who will most likely be referred to as the most important draft pick of the Cardinals franchise - up until this point - QB Matt Leinart is being forced to meet the expectations he garnered after 4 stellar years at Southern Cal. Leinart has had his share of both on-the-field and off-the-field issues since arriving in Tempe, especially with what seemed to be his acceptance of being Kurt Warner's understudy, which some believed was Leinart's cue to take his job less seriously (as assumed by his rampant club-going and partying). While Leinart has shown flashes (2009 vs Tennessee Titans) he's also proven that he isn't Kurt Warner - whether in terms of poise and patience in the pocket, or as a reader of coverages. The future of the Cardinals franchise and likewise their immediate hopes of repeating their recent playoff successes undoubtedly lay in the former 10th overall pick of 2005's hands.

Draft Analysis: Noticeable throughout the Cardinals 2008 and 2009 playoff runs, was their necessity of their Defense to "manufacture" a pass rush via the blitz. With the lack of a young explosive pass rusher given the aging Clark Haggans and Chike Okeafor, as well as the recent retirement of pass rusher Betrand Berry, there is a glaring need for a young pass rushing OLB to be added to the Cardinals roster. In that regard, players who will be heavily scouted include OLB/DE Sergio Kindle, OLB/DE Everson Griffin, OLB/DE Brandon Graham, OLB/DE Jermaine Cunningham, OLB/DE Jerry Hughes, OLB/DE Koa Misi, and OLB/DE Jason Worilds. I also believe DE Carlos Dunlap will be scouted heavily, however as he projects more-so as a versatile 4-3 D Lineman or a 3-4 DE, he likely would not fit on the Arizona Defense. I also believe that given the expiration of LB Karlos Dansby's contract post 2009 season, his replacement may have to be found via the draft - with athletic LBs Sean Weatherspoon and TCU's Daryl Washington having the best grades of that athletic/explosive/coverage LB niche for the 2010 NFL Draft.

Likewise, offensively the Cardinals seem to be deficient at only the Tight End position, and in that regard TE's Jermaine Gresham(6'5" 255lbs), Aaron Hernandez (6'2" 252lbs), and Rob Gronkowski (6'6" 260lbs) will get equally heavy looks at the top of this draft.

Pick Analysis: With the recognition that Matt Leinart's future will likely spell boom or bust for this franchise in the immediate future, it is my belief that the Cardinals would be best served doing everything possible to provide the soon-to-be 5th year player a reliable, yet talented target who can work the middle of the field. TE Anthony Becht is nothing more than a blocker whose contract will end prior to the 2010 season. TE Ben Patrick will also see his contract end before the 2010 season, and while young, he is does not project to be the long-term answer that the Cardinals need. With the Bengals also in need of a young receiving threat at the TE position, the Cardinals should be in a prime position to draft one of the three ultra-talented TE's in this years' draft, with the likelihood that TE Jermaine Gresham and TE Aaron Hernandez having the advantage over local product Rob Gronkowski - whose back surgery stands to affect his draft status. I also believe that if Gronkowski shows well in the coming offseason workouts, the Cardinals may maneuver to both secure his abilities while also securing that of one of the aforementioned LBs.

For now, the pick stands to be TE Jermaine Gresham given that I feel Hernandez will be gone ahead of him, and that Gresham's stock may be affected by both his lack of speed and his 2009 knee injury which cost him his Senior season in Norman, Oklahoma. Though also coming off injury, Gronkowski's back problems are taken much more seriously that the type of knee injury (cartilage damage resulting in season-ending surgery) which forced Gresham to miss the 2009 college football season.

- TE Jermaine Gresham #18 --

#27 Cowboys (11-5) +Wildcard (.516): OT Bruce Campbell

(Pick Considerations: OT Bryan Bulaga, FS Earl Thomas, OT Trent Williams, DT Jared Odrick, DE Alex Carrington, S Chad Jones, S Reshad Jones or Trade

Marcus Spears’ contract expires at the end of the 2009-2010 season. What will Jerry Jones choose to do?

Cowboys have a subtle need at Safety, but they could opt to bypass reaching for a player, and trade down

- OT Bruce Campbell #74 --

#28 Chargers (13-3) +Wildcard (.453): DT Dan Williams

- DT Dan Williams #55 --

#29 Jets (9-7) +Wildcard, +Divisional (.516): DT Jared Odrick

Needs: NT - OLB, RB, WR, DE, CB

Preliminary Analysis: What is the prognosis for Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington? That question stands to be the prevailing argument - or at least a strong influence - surrounding the player picked by the Jets. Kris Jenkins hinted recently that he still wants to play football, but being that this is his 2nd ACL injury in 3 years, it is unknown as to what the status of his [longterm] future is; is there trepidation in his statements? The same can be said for Leon Washington’s gruesome compound fracture, an injury which the diminutive yet playmaking RB said would never hold him back. I’ll take Leon’s word for it as his play during his career as well as his age, gives me faith in his word and ability to recover.

Pick Analysis: Looking at their most recent draft pick by way of Ohio State, in OLB Vernon Gholston, one could call it impossible for a player of the same position to be taken, however an NFL coach who is unattached to that player like Rex Ryan is to Gholston should have no issue cutting their losses. That may be the best move based on Gholston’s play thus far. Having said that, while it is unlikely that a player of Sergio Kindle's talent will be available here, there is great depth at pass rushing OLB from which the Jets can choose from. In a way, that fact probably stands to minimize the likelihood that an actual OLB will be picked in the 1st round, and knowing the history of Mike Tannenbaum, my opinion is that the Jets will have a defensive player - whether at OLB, CB, or DL - targeted for selection, and more-so targeted/projected in a manner which gives them the best chance of acquiring that player.

In that regard, the Jets will probably scout OLB/DEs Brandon Graham, Everson Griffin, Jermaine Cunningham, Koah Misi, Jerry Hughes, and Jason Worilds. As a "flex" or versatile player who is built in mold of the Jets own Bart Scott (undrafted in 2002), is LB Brandon Spikes the playmaker out of Florida whose only questions are his ability to sustain speed - which will be documented with his 40 yard dash, whether at the Combine or his Pro Day. Spikes would be a pick of value here being that he is an explosive pass-rusher and a player who is not afraid of playing in space - an underrated trait for a 3-4 LB; he has shown the smoothness needed to stand up and play coverage, which just adds value to his already high grade. However being that the ILB position (Spikes's most natural position) in New York is stacked, its likely that they go in a different direction with this pick, regardless of Spikes' versatility. That likely takes Spikes out of the picture, and helps narrow things down.

Another Defensive level the Jets will scout heavily is the Defensive Line of their 3-4 system. Specific players to note are NT Terrence Cody, NT Dan Williams, North Carolina NT Cam Thomas (more-so a 3rd rounder), DT (projected as a possible 3-4 DE) Jared Odrick, and DE (projected 3-4 DE) Alex Carrington of Arkansas State. Given his monumental impact on the Crimson Tide National Championship run, and his rare strength, Terrence Cody will likely be gone by the top 18 picks - weight issues or not. Then there's fellow SEC DT Dan Williams, who should in no way be considered Cody's understudy, as he himself had provided the Tennessee Volunteers with the type of Run Stopping presence which nearly allowed them to beat both Alabama and Florida - eventually losing to both by slim margins in low scoring games.

However, looking further into Rex Ryan’s draft history, he took NT Haloti Ngata in 2006, a player who has played at a perennial Pro Bowl level for Baltimore. NT Terrance Cody can dunk a basketball and can occupy multiple Offensive Lineman. His conditioning however, is the prevailing question as he weighed in at 370lbs at the Senior Bowl, was obviously out of shape, and went so far as to make a promise he'd be 345lbs by draft day. There has also been an upsurge in positive vibe for Tennessee DT Dan Williams (6’2” 327). He is a legitimate 1st round talent in my opinion, and look for him to be a 1st round pick.

The growth of WR David Clowney - the 24 year old 3rd year player out of Virginia Tech who is slated to be a restricted Free Agent in the coming months - stands to be another argument which may or may not influence this pick. If he is let go, that may be a sign that the Jets have a WR targeted somewhere in the top 3 rounds of this draft. Given that Edwards (while highly inconsistent) is a big play guy who can beat 1 on 1 coverage, while Cotchery is the possession guy, the young WR would likely be competing with Brad Smith to be the third WR on the depth chart - even though but Smith's value is more-so as a wildcat QB at this point in time. Though the WR position is one of the most "fan favorite" selections in the 1st round, my opinion is that a WR like Ohio's Taylor Price (middle-of-the-pack in terms of draft projection) who has a high ceiling (and is comparable to the Bears 2009 5th round pick Johnny Knox), could be the Jets Shonn Greene of 2010.

As it so stands, the injuries which have minimized and halted to the production of two of the Jets Defensive Lineman - namely DE Shaun Ellis and NT Kris Jenkins (both of whom by the way are in their 30s) - likely make the D-Line the position which will be chosen if the Jets keep this pick. In order the versatile DL Sione Pouha (normaly the starting RDE) can resume his regular position after filling in excellently for Jenkins at the nose, it is my belief that NT Terrence Cody and NT Dan Williams will be heavily scouted from now until draft day - however barring a trade, both will likely be gone to the Broncos and Chargers respectively. The murmors about trading up to grab S Eric Berry (who by the way could easily fall into the teens if the Chiefs opt for ILB Rolando McClain) could be fulfilled, however I dont believe that Safety is a need for the Jets, especially with the stellar play by both Kerry Rhodes and Jim Leonhard in the playoffs. There were struggles at the CB position however, with young CB Dwight Lowery (who has played well but has gone through the normal growing pains of a young NFL CB) and the veteran Lito Sheppard failing to take their game to the level of "shutdown" CB Darrelle Revis - especially Sheppard. Having said that, Joe Haden was an excellent press man CB at Florida in the SEC, and given that both he'll likely be gone by the top 10 picks, and that the cost of trading up would likely be unbearable (mortgaging the future of the franchise) Haden holding up a Jets uniform in April is unlikely. While 3-4 DE Jared Odrick is a definite possibility, given that the Steelers took a productive and athletic College DT in Evander "Ziggy" Hood in 2009, I believe DE Alex Carrington who proved himself a legitimate early round talent with his explosive playing style at the Senior Bowl, firmly cemented himself onto the Jets radar between rounds 2 and 3 of the 2010 NFL Draft. Advantage goes to Odrick at this point in time, and at this location of the draft given his dominance as both a run stopper and pass rusher in the Big Ten, and his disruptive showing at the Senior Bowl.

Keep a strong eye on Florida DE Carlos Dunlap, a guy who is a 4-3/3-4 DE "tweener" in my opinion, as he plays with excellent stoutness and has shown the ability to use his long arms to his advantage. He is not Mario Williams, as he has neither the hips nor the playmaking ability that the former #1 overall pick displayed prior to being drafted in 2007. Dunlap compares more-so to Falcons 4-3 DE and current underachiever Jamaal Anderson who went 8th overall in 2007, yet has proven that he just does not have the ability to match his draft location as a traditional pass rushing DE. His failure to be the pass rusher Mario Williams has proven to be, has likely affected Dunlap's stock - especially given that Dunlap showed no real flashes of being a Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, or Mario Williams type ability from off the edge. Again, Dunlap in my opinion is more-so a 3-4 DE who will likely see his stock drop both due to his pre-SEC Championship DUI and his inability to cement himself as a 4-3 pass rusher (having been moved all along the line in college, depending on the situation). My take is that Dunlap is a mid to late 2nd rounder.

If CB Perrish Cox is available he may definitely be taken, however with Brad Smith's ability as a return man - Cox's versatility are probably not as highly regarded by the Jets, as it would be by other teams. Whether because of Oklahoma State's scheme or because of personal preference, Cox also never really showed the ability to play the press man-type coverage the Jets run.

- DT Jared Odrick #91 --

#30 Vikings (12-4) +Wildcard, +Divisional (.441): QB Colt McCoy

- QB Colt McCoy #12 --

#31 Colts (14-2) +Wildcard, +Divisional, +AFC Championship (.473): DE Corey Wootton

(if unavailable, next pick is as follows: OG Mike Johnson or C Maurkice Pouncey)

The oft-injured Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders, as well as the CBs and Safeties are indicators to me that this pick will be a defensive player.

The Colts were both outcoached, and out-confidenced by the Saints in their losing effort in Superbowl 44. The lack of preparedness for the 2nd half onsides kick by New Orleans signaled to me that the Colts had gotten overconfident playing the "Ragin Cajuns" of New Orleans. In saying that, there are specific needs for this franchise, needs which on the surface coincide primarily with the media turmoil surrounding DE Dwight Freeney's injured left ankle. However, Sean Peyton's offensive gameplan emphasized the "short drop" passing game, which exposed the inability of the Colts defenders (on all levels) and coaching staff to make impact plays against Drew Brees-Sean Peyton duo; look for Offensive Coordinators to take advantage of that success going into the 2010 season. Having said all that, an impact defender is needed by the Colts, whether by way of SS Bob Sander's return - an interesting note as S Melvin Bullitt has filled in quite well, even to a point where Sanders' "in-the-box-only" impact may be deemed expendable - or by a retooling of the Colts Defensive scheme.

The injury list for the Colts stretches long on wide, with versatile CB Marlin Jackson and SS Demond "Bob" Sanders being lost for the season to knee and biceps injuries respectively. It doesn't end there in the Secondary however, as CB Kelvin Hayden was not present throughout the season, and stepping in in his place rookie CB Jarrad Powers established himself as a player who stands to help solidify the position as a starter for years to come. As an undrafted surprise, CB Jacob Lacey has also played well, but he has been beat. Though he is young, it is unlikely that he projects as a long-term starter. The onus is on both Jackson and "the bullet" Sanders to return healthy for 2010.

Pleasantly, the LB position has probably served to be the team's MVP "level", given that LB Clint Session has established himself as an explosive presence next to the fellow LB and Defensive signal caller Gary Brackett; OLB Phillip Wheeler has been adequate, but a more "heady" LB who can take the load off of the other two previously mentioned LBs - is a need going into the 2010 draft. As their history shows however, the Colts don't value early round LBs, and it is my belief that a late round player will be drafted to push both he (OLB) and (backup MLB) Freddy Keiaho - as versatility adds value.

Cutting to the chase, DT Daniel Muir, DT Antonio Johnson, DT/DE Eric Foster, DT Fili Moala, DE Raheem Brock, DE Robert Mathis, and the explosive DE Dwight Freeney provide an adequate Defensive Line Rotation - however, between Dwight Freeney's intermittent injuries, as well as injuries all over the Colts Secondary, a Defensive Playmaker would probably me the best selection going forward. In that regard, I have given the benefit of the doubt to the Colts excellent Offensive skill, which has caused Defensive Coordinators to fret at night being that rookie WR Austin Collie, and 2nd year player WR Pierre Garcon have not only filled in well for the injured Anthony "Gonzo" Gonzalez, but have both been impact players - respectively.

Names to keep a keen eye on primarily revolve around the Defensive End position, with DE Everson Griffin, DE Brandon Graham, DE Carlos Dunlap, DE Derrick Morgan, OLB/DE Sergio Kindle, and DE Corey Wootton leading the charge as considerations as edge pass rushers. While I also believe OLB/DEs Jerry Hughes and Jermaine Cunningham, as well as DEs Greg Hardy and Jason Pierre-Paul will be considered (more-so as late 2nd to 5th rounders), draft grades likely will cause at least 4 out of the first 6 preliminary names mentioned to be off the board by pick 31, and as the Colts are a team whom base their franchise on image first, DE Carlos Dunlap may in all likelihood be withdrawn from consideration - pre-draft no less - completely. If Wootton doesnt grade at least high enough to be a legitimate 2nd rounder, I wouldn't rule out a trade in which the Colts choose to position themselves in a manner which best benefits their franchise, especially in terms of the financial/player talent/ player projection value chart; that likelihood could come through fruition via a trade up, or a trade down. With all that said, DE Corey Wootton is a 6'6" 270lb edge rusher who possesses a frightening ability to both rush the passer with both explosiveness off the edge, and be "violent with his hands to get the corner" However, Wootton suffered an ACL injury in the 2008 Alamo Bowl which cost him dearly in terms of draft stock for 2010, and impact in the 2009 season. Notable prior to that injury was the fact that Wootton notched 10 quarterback sacks in 2008, while he was obviously and by far the best player on the Wildcats Defense. Another very intriguing statistic in Wootton's game, is the fact that he nabbed 4 interceptions, and that will no doubt appeal to both Bill Polian and GMs league-wide. Murmurs have indicated that Wootton compares favorably to former Giants 1st round pick Mathias Kiwanuka, and while I personally believe he is comparable to 2009 Bengals 3rd round pick DE Michael Johnson, Wootton has played both with more consistency and more heart - traits which the Colts value heavily when scouting and investing in a player - in any round. Wootton's game (especially while healthy) were not without questions however, as his ability to "stack-and-shed" as a run stopping DE has been questioned; he must add "positive" weight to his frame, without losing his burst and explosiveness off the edge. Added weight will not only improve his game as a pro, but should help aid in injuriy prevention. Wootton must also learn to protect his long 'spindly' legs from cut blocks, and increase his hand reactivity whether as a pass rusher and run stopper. Wootton's Combine and Pro Day will hopefully mimic his pre-injury production in 2008, which thus stands to increase his draft stock. Aside from DT Dan Williams, DE Jason Pierre-Paul has been carrying more hype than any previously unknown defensive player in this year's class. Yet and still, I don't believe the guy is as good as hyped. He's very raw, very very raw, and as I compared Wootton to Michael Johnson, Pierre-Paul still has to prove to me that he is that caliber of athlete, as his career length (started only one year of College Football after first playing the sport as a high school senior) and production (only 6 sacks in 2009 with another talented bookend to his opposite) do not match Johnson's or Wootton's (despite his 2008 injury) to this point. Lastly is the enigma who is Ole Miss senior DE Greg Hardy, a player whose inconsistency both following his 10 sack sophmore season, as well as his lack of impact against what was supposed to be lesser competition at the East-West Shrine Bowl game and practices, will likely make him no more than a fleeting February thought regarding his prospects to be an Indianapolis Colt. Hardy does have fair explosiveness and plays with a good degree of strength, but his inconsistencies will ultimately culminate in about a 2nd round grade, a grade which may climb if Hardy has an explosive showing at the NFL Combine. In his favor however, Hardy differs from Wootton and Pierre-Paul (the other DEs projected to be available come pick 31 if it isn't traded) in that he is in the image of current Colts players, players who exemplify Polian's small/short, but quick/explosive stature; Wootton and Pierre-Paul are both 6'6".

- During the Superbowl Media Day, LB Gary Brackett mentioned that Colts Coach Jim Caldwell and the organization hate off-the-field mistakes more than anything else.

- DE Corey Wootton #99 --

*************SuperBowl XLIV Champions***********

#32 Saints (13-3) ++0 (.426): OLB Sean Weatherspoon

(if unavailable etc., pick could be: DT, Dan Williams, DT Jared Odrick, DE Corey Wootton, DE Carlos Dunlap, or OLB Navarro Bowman)

- OLB Sean Weatherspoon #12 --

*************SuperBowl XLIV Champions***********

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