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Andre's Picks 16-20 of 2010 NFL Mock Draft | Titans - 49ers - Steelers - Falcons - Texans

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The 16th and 17th overall picks will be decided by a pre-draft coinflip between the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers (by way of Carolina)

#16 Titans ( 8-8 ) (.539): CB DE DT LB (im tempted to say CB)

DE Everson Griffin

Preliminary Analysis: Firstly let me begin by saying that although DE Kyle Vanden Bosch’s contract ends this season, the Titans would never let him go. On the other side, DE Jevon Kearse “freak” days are over, and his replacement is currently William Hayes - an underwhelming player at best. That being said, teams are passing on the Titans way too successfully to ignore the problem. Herein comes CB Perrish Cox, DE Brandon Graham, DE Carlos Dunlap, DE Everson Griffin, and CB Kyle Wilson

Further Analysis: The 6'0" 198lb CB Perrish Cox has not only lit up the Senior Bowl practices, but has been a key reason for Oklahoma State's rise to football prominence in the Big XII the past few seasons. Barring his dispicable behavior off-field, he has all the credentials and tools to not only be a top 25 pick, but to be an impact player the moment he touches an NFL field. As for CB Kyle Wilson, he has not only been an impact to the Boise State football program - arguable one of the best run programs in the nation - but his play both during his Boise St tenure and his ability to rise to the competition-level presented at the Senior Bowl has vaulted him up draft boards. While his size (5'10" 180lbs) raises durability concerns, his production makes him the quasi-Alphonso Smith of this year, which should allow him to creep into the late 1st round given that he has better "measurables" and overall athleticism than the former Wake Forest Deamon Deacon who went in the early 2nd round of 2009. As the last few years have shown, teams have been more cognizant of the fact that college production has been the best way to project a potential pick's future in the NFL. With recent busts such as OLB/DE Vernon Gholston, and the Pro-Bowl play of lesser "athletic marvels" like Pro Bowl OLBs Elvis Dumerville and LaMarr Woodley, a productive, technically sound and stout DE like Brandon Graham has likely vaulted himself into the top 25-30 picks of this years draft. Competing with Graham as the second DE to be selected in the 2010 NFL Draft is USC DE Everson Griffin, the Junior athletic pass rusher who played up to his recruited potential at Titans Coach Jeff Fischer's alma-mater. Griffin has shown athleticism, speed, stoutness, and explosion from various positions along the USC Defensive front - whether as a stand up rush LB, or as a 3 point DE; he projects as a top 40 pick and could see his stock rise depending on his combine performance - as he has better tools than former Seahawks 1st round pick DE Lawrence Jackson. Laslty is the enigma that is Florida DE Carlos Dunlap, an athletic 6'6" 290lb Defensive End who was a consistent threat to SEC opponents. Other than his DUI which logically stands to hurt his draft stock, I've got real questions as to how Dunlap projects to the NFL. Given his lack of quickness, burst, agility, and hand technique off the edge (as Jermaine Cunningham was utilized as Charlie Strong's primary pass rusher) Ive taken it upon myself to project Dunlap to make a switch to the DE in a 3-4 Defensive alignment, which is likely to drop him from consideration as the Titans 1st round pick. Dunlap has played both inside and outside on Florida's Defensive Line, and much like the 6'4" 295lb former LSU Tiger Tyson Jackson who was made to switch to the 3-4 when he was picked by the Chiefs #3 overall in 2009, Dunlap likewise projects to be more of a versatile 3-4 Lineman when he enters the NFL; Dunlap is not Mario WIlliams. As for the interior of the Titans Defensive Line, DT Tony Brown who has filled in well for Albert Haynesworth is an unrestricted Free Agent who is said to be a priority signing for the Titans during postseason negotiations. Given the fact that fellow DT Jovan Haye, pass-rushing DT and former 2nd round pick Jason Jones, and the young DT Sen'Derrick Marks are experienced and productive young talents in the Titans D-Line rotation, it is pretty much a guarantee that the Titans exclude an interior Defensive Lineman from consideration in the 1st round of the 2010 draft. Lastly I want to bring up the name Sergio Kindle again, as he would probably end up being the guy if he somehow dropped to the 16th pick. Texas OLB Sergio Kindle possesses rare explosion, the ability to "dip" and "turn the corner", and the ability to "stack and shed". He is the prototypical 3-4 OLB in the mold of DeMarcus Ware, and while the Titans run the 4-3, he could be the sequel to "the Freak" aka Jevon Kearse. I do believe DE Derrick Morgan may be passed up, in deference to the Longhorns impact player who was OLB Sergio Kindle. He may solidify his draft status based on his performance in the National Championship game against Alabama.

Draft Analysis: I feel that there is a recognition that Vince Young and Chris Johnson can allow this team to possess the ball more and put up points as they both grow, and that the key to getting them the ball is stopping the run and rushing the opposing passer. The tape I’ve watched of Odrick has been worthy of a 1st round grade. He brings strength, production, and ability to the position. DE Derrick Morgan is a Chris Long (former 2nd overall pick) clone with explosive ability from the 4-3 end, however like Long (who is a steady all-around player) he is projected to go top 10. Herein comes the college defensive phenoms who are OLB/DE Sergio Kindle, DE Brandon Graham, CB Perrish Cox, DE Everson Griffin, and DE Carlos Dunlap.

Pick Analysis: Based on my earlier comments, there is a possibility that the Titans may trade up and take CB Joe Haden. However thats a slim possibility if none, and I would be apt to believe the guy here is either DE Brandon Graham who is an extremely productive and physical edge rusher, CB Perrish Cox who has all the traits to be a Cover Corner, DE Derrick Morgan if he drops, DE Everson Griffin if he lights up his combine, and DE Carlos Dunlap depending on his final grade and projection to the NFL as a pass rusher..

DE Brandon Graham not only blew up the Senior Bowl practices, but both lived up to his recruiting stock, and in a way set the tone for the Michigan program given the struggles of the team's offense. Graham absolutely manhandled the highly touted Iowa LT Bryan Bulaga when the two faced each other this season, and Graham showed the same technique, stoutness, and explosiveness during Senior Bowl week; Graham tallied 20 sacks his Junior & Senior season. As for Everson Griffin, its pretty obvious he models himself after Edge-Rushing terror DE Dwight Freeney, whether it be his #93 jersey number, or his use of spins when rushing the quarterback. While Griffin never tallied up the sack numbers Graham did (11 the past two years), he has great potential and projects to be a later 1st to early 2nd round pick. The Titans are equally deficient both at the edges of their Defensive Line, and on the Corners, so it should be interesting as to whether CB Perrish Cox's off-field blunders weigh into his stock here at 16th overall, especially given the widely publicized troubles of former top 10 pick Adam "Pac Man" Jones - who by the way is no longer in the NFL. Character concerns is likely to be the deciding point at this junction in the draft, with advantage going to Kindle, Morgan, Griffin, and Graham.

- DE Everson Griffin #93 --

#17 49ers from Panthers ( 8-8 ) (.539) -- OT, Rush LB

OT Brian Bulaga

Analysis: Mike Singletary at one point said he wanted to run the ball right? Well Trent Williams is yet another Oklahoma Offensive Tackle who will engulf you. He also projects to be a solid pass protector @ RT in the NFL. Being that Williams may be unavailable or a bad fit in what is Singletary's new offensive philosophy, Joe Staley could find his line mate if OT Bryan Bulaga is available. He projects to be an elite RT in the NFL, and has shown his ability to be a mauling run-blocker in the physical Big Ten Conference.

If the 49ers truly want to run the "spread" in the NFL, elite pass protectors are a necessity, and Charles Brown, Bruce Campbell, and Jason Fox combine high-level play, athleticism, and longterm production - respectively. Campbell is said to be the Vernon Davis of Offensive Tackles, and Brown may go top 10 when its all said and done. Though Trent Williams and Bryan Bulaga may be the highest rated Offensive Tackles on the board, the 49ers may opt to go with a more athletic Tackle who can protect their former #1 overall pick at QB, while he executes Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye's Shotgun-spread" passing attack.

Both Trent Williams and Bryan Bulaga provide the ability coveted by Offensive Line coaches, and thats a Pro Bowl presence as a strong side run blocker. Williams has been used all along the Oklahoma Offensive Line, and that flexibility just adds more to his already long list of accolades and advantages. Bulaga probably has better feet and carries more value as a potential starting Left Tackle, so it'll be interesting to see which of the two ends up coming off the board first. Either Offensive Tackle would spell good things for both RB Frank Gore and QB Alex Smith.

OT Bruce Campbell's injury woes and questionable 'nastiness' as a run blocker, will likely drop him to the bottom of the 1st round/

NT Aubrayo Franklin has played at an impact level, however he too is in a contract year. Rumors are that Aubrayo will be Franchise tagged, so I can rest easy scratching NT Terrance Cody or Tennessee DT/NT Dan Williams off of this slot. NT Aubrayo Franklin’s contract situation will be one of the biggest influences of the middle of the draft in my opinion. Very possible that one of their top picks is traded to a team the 49ers expect to be drafting high in the future.

- LT Bryan Bulaga #79 --

#18 Steelers (9-7) (.488): -- CB; NT, OL, ILB (depending on Free Agency/ trades)

Franchise News: "The Steelers' coaches reportedly consider RT Willie Colon "to be their best offensive lineman." No one else stands out, so it's difficult to argue. LT Max Starks did have a superb first half in 2009, but faded down the stretch. Colon, a restricted free agent this offseason, will likely be extended the highest possible tender. NT Casey Hampton said the Steelers have promised not to franchise him. Hampton is a free agent and it would cost the Steelers $6 million to in 2010 to franchise him. He'll be 33 before next season and he can probably be had for less than that. [/b][/color] Steelers ILB James Farrior led the team in tackles again in 2009, but struggled in coverage of running backs and tight ends. Farrior, who the Steelers gave a rare late-career extension two offseasons ago, turns 35 on Wednesday. It's not surprising his change-of-direction skills are going. The team is likely to add to the ILB position in April's draft."[/b][/color]

ILB Rolando McClain

There is a possibility that the Steelers may opt to trade up for CB Joe Haden, though it would cost them alot to make that trade happen, the likelihood of it happening depends on how far Haden drops. There are also rumors that big changes will be happening in Pittsburgh, and that could mean the loss of either NT Casey Hampton, LB James Farrior, RB Willie Parker, or OT Willie Colon.

NT Casey Hampton made the Pro Bowl, but there are rumors he and others could be on their way out based on the lack of playoff contention which characterized the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers season. He is over 30, and will be an unrestricted Free Agent in the coming months, will he be resigned?

ILB James Farrior has been solid for the team, but there is a capable back-up in 27 yr old Veteran Keyaron Fox. If Farrior is let go, I believe either Fox will assume his role as the starter, or a starter drafted in April; Fox's tender ends in the coming months.

It can be said that OT Willie Colon is taking the heat for Ben Roethlesberger's refusal to get rid of the ball upon hitting his back foot. While that trait has brought "Big Ben" and his Franchise two Superbowl rings, it puts an inordinate amount of pressure on his Offensive Line, and principally his Tackles - players who must block some of the highest paid athletes in the NFL - on a weekly basis.

Depending on who is lost, you may see NT Terrance Cody, NT Dan Williams, OT Anthony Davis, OT Trent Williams, OT Bryan Bulaga, CB Perrish Cox, or ILB Rolando McClain taken here. Who on the Steelers current roster will be the odd man out?

Nevertheless, the CB position has been one of the worst units in the NFL. Ike Taylor is not a playmaker (though he has been solid), and Deshea Townsend is in his mid-30s. 2009 Draft pick Joe Burnett's dropped INT can be blamed for the loss to the Raiders - and the subsequent loss of a chance for the Steelers to go to the playoffs. When a unit carries such a scar, the draft is usually the healing ointment.

Currently, I project three top CB's to be available here, CB Syd'Quan Thompson, CB Patrick Robinson, CB Kyle Wilson, and CB/KR Perrish Cox - Cox is my favorite of the bunch. Cox is not only physical, but has size, coverage ability, and probably the best playmaking ability of any CB in this draft. He has a high ceiling, and while he has "character" issues, his performance at the Senior Bowl and Combine may vault him up draft boards. CB Patrick Robinson has the prototypical traits wanted in a starting CB in any scheme, he is fast, has very quick feet, is sudden and possesses a burst, and has a solid build. While he has been inconsistent, his ceiling is also very high and the onus is on him to not only be in the film room, but perfect his flaws if he wants to have a long and productive NFL career. CB Kyle Wilson's size and questionable physicality will probably cost him consideration as a Steeler. Syd'Quan Thompson is probably better suited for a Cover Two team, or otherwise a zone-scheme team who affords their CBs safety help, however he and CB Javier Arenas stand to most likely end up as 3rd round picks.

Breaking News: Oklahoma State CB Perrish Cox was suspended for Cotton Bowl vs Ole Miss for missing curfew

- ILB Rolando McClain #25 --

The 19th and 20th overall picks will be decided by a pre-draft coinflip between the Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans

#19 Falcons ( 9-7 ) (.504): -- CB, OT, LB, DE, S

FRANCHISE NEWS: After practice on Thursday, talked abou their unrestricted/restricted status.

“The players that have worked hard and got to this point in their careers, need to be able to go out and see what they are worth on the market,” Clabo said. “Those players deserve a chance to go do that. It will be very, very unfortunate for all of us if we are not allowed that opportunity.”

Last season, the Falcons worked out contract extensions with defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux and receiver Michael Jenkins. Before the season, they worked out an extension with Roddy White. “There have been no talks of...contract extension,” Clabo said. Clabo and Dahl played this season under one-year contracts, with base salaries of $1.545 million. Clabo would like to return, but knows he could be playing his last game with the Falcons. “I want to be an Atlanta Falcon,” Clabo said. “I want to be an Atlanta Falcon for the rest of my career. It’s difficult to say with confidence that will happen (with me) continually playing under one-year tenders. It’s just difficult to see into the future.” Dahl is hopeful that the labor negotiations go smoothly. “I think everyone is real optimistic that the owners and the union will come to an agreement here soon and that every thing will be taken care of,” Dahl said.

- Jan. 27 - 11:34 pm et
Packers GM Ted Thompson confirmed that the team will make a contract offer to free agent Aaron Kampman. Kampman may still balk at the offer. He is better fit to play end in a 4-3 than strong-side linebacker in Green Bay's 3-4. Turning 31 next season, Kampman probably wants to max out on potentially his last NFL contract.

CB Kyle Wilson

Preliminary Analysis: Going into the season, the Falcons opted to provide their young rising star at QB the reliable TE Tony Gonzalez, a veteran pass catcher who could get open over the middle. Automatically that should be an indication that there is a recognition that the Tight End position was in need of upgrade. However, Gonzalez seems more than content to continue his career to the bitter end by playing for a team who will be contention given their above average, but young QB and his play. That being said, the holes in the Secondary are way too big to ignore, especially with the preeminent passing team in the league residing within the Division.

Prospect Analysis: Watching tape of FSU CB Patrick Robinson, he brings speed, prototypical size, quick feet, but limited production and terrible consistency to the position. He’d make a great fit for the Falcons even though he’s had a very short starting career - which likely makes him a 3rd rounder, or worse. Another strong CB prospect is Cal’s SydQuan Thompson who is said to be more polished, yet has speed and scheme concerns (witnessed at the Senior Bowl practices) which are likely to drop him to the 3rd round. Robinson’s athleticism does reminds me of CB Mike Jenkins of the Cowboys from USF, but Robinson is not as pro-ready as Jenkins who went 25th overall to the Cowboys in 2008. That being said, the best CB in this draft is Florida's Joe Haden yet it is unlikely he'll be available at the 19th pick, and while CB Perrish Cox is my most highly rated CB after him, he has had his share of off-field/"character issues" which culminated in his suspension for the final game of his collegiate tenor - the Cotton Bowl vs Ole Miss' Jevan Sneed and Shay Hodge. CB Perrish Cox is not only a top talent at CB, but he's an elite Kick Returner who competed very well at the Senior Bowl; CB Perrish Cox likely cost himself a few grand or even a couple million in guaranteed money. As previously indicated by his play during Senior Bowl week, CB Kyle Wilson may be the choice if a CB is the preferred position at #19.

In accordance to possible team needs, OLB Navarro Bowman (a good player at a need position) shows flashes, yet he too has many off-field/character issues surrounding his tenure at Penn St. Lastly, there are inklings that DE Derrick Morgan could go here and while that is a strong possibility, that position is not only stacked (depth-wise) in Atlanta, but there is a very slim chance he falls this low. In that regard, I’ll weigh my options between DE Derrick Morgan, DE Everson Griffin, DE Brandon Graham, DE Carlos Dunlap, CB Perrish Cox, CB Patrick Robinson, FS/CB Earl Thomas, and CB Kyle Wilson.

It should be interesting however, to see whether the Falcons opt to pair former Cal teammates SydQuan Thompson (more-so a 3rd round pick) and Thomas DeCoud, later in the draft. All in all, there are only 3 CB's who could possibly go top 20, and barring trade I will most likely have to wait until both the Senior Bowl, combine, and FA contract negotiations before I can finalize this pick.

At DE, Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Derrick Morgan has drawn positive vibes based on his strength, production, and burst off the snap. To go along with his burst off the snap, Morgan has shown good hands and the ability to dip his shoulders to turn the corner; his motor is also relentless. Based on my own analysis, if Morgan’s height (6’4”), weight (272lbs), strength, movement, and speed (hopefully 4.7s) check out - I’ll be willing to say he’s the next Chris Long (as far as draft stock) - the current Rams DE and former 2nd overall pick of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Northwestern DE Corey Wootton has an injury history (torn ACL) and is abit slender in his lower body, but he is a legitimate talent as a 6’6” 275lb potential NFL edge rusher. He has been compared to Mathias Kiwaunuka of the New York Giants. His official strength at the point of attack, speed, and overall physicality in/cast doubt. Given the above news, how does Aaron Kampman figure into the Falcons draft day decision-making process?

Pick Analysis: Depending on the resigning of OT Tyson Clabo and OG Harvey Dahl a long list of players and positions are on my watch list for the 19th overall pick. Having said that, the players on that list stand to increase or decrease their draft stock via the Combine and Personal workouts.

All in all, be cognizant of the fact that if DE Derrick Morgan and OLB/DE Sergio Kindle are unavailable, the Falcons may either take DE's Brandon Graham, Carlos Dunlap, or Everson Griffin, or select the highest rated Offensive Lineman or CB on their board.

As per the Franchise News reported, the Falcons may opt for an "investment protector" for the Quarterback who has sparked immediate change in terms of the franchise's history. Matt Ryan must be the focus of the offseason if RT Clabo is let go, and with respect to focusing on Ryan, Falcons GM Thomas Dimitrov may bring in another anchor to protect the Franchise QB who has led Arthur Blank's team to their first back-to-back winning seasons. Offensive Tackles Trent Williams, Bryan Bulaga, and Bruce Campbell should be watched closely - as should OG/RT Mike Iupati and OG/RT Vladimir DuCasse who are less experienced (and thus less valuable) Tackles. Clabo probably has the advantage over Dahl in terms of being kept, as his RT position is considered more valuable especially with the investment they have at QB. Nevertheless, both may be afforded the opportunity to test the free agent market.

-- Franchise News: - Dec. 16 - 7:32 pm et - Falcons KR Eric Weems is facing a DUI charge after being arrested for the alleged crime on November 16. Weems, a second-year player out of Bethune-Cookman, has given Atlanta a shot in the arm on returns and dabbled at receiver this season. He caught a four-yard touchdown pass against the Giants four days after the DUI arrest.

- After the Michael Vick debacle and now the likely 2010 [partial] suspension of KR/WR Eric Weems, along with the return of WR/KR Harry Douglas from ACL surgery - would the Falcons dare to bring in a player with character concerns?

- CB Kyle Wilson #1 --

#20 Texans (9-7) (.504): -- FS, CB, RB, WR

DRAFT NEWS: 01/08/10 - Redshirt sophomore safety Earl Thomas has elected to leave school early and enter the 2010 NFL Draft, the consensus first-team All-American and Thorpe Award finalist said on Friday. "I want to thank Coach Brown, Coach Muschamp, Coach Akina and everyone at Texas," Thomas said. "I had a great time for three years at UT. Everyone there helped me work towards my dream of playing in the NFL and giving me a chance to support my family. It was a tough decision because we're like brothers here, especially in the DB room, and I'm really going to miss playing with all of the guys. I received some individual honors this year, but I have to give credit to the rest of the defense because I couldn't have done any of it without them.” Thomas, the fourth defensive back in the Mack Brown era to be named a Thorpe Award finalist (nation’s top defensive back), started all 27 games of his Texas career, posting 149 tackles, eight TFL, 10 interceptions, 33 PBU, five forced fumbles and a blocked punt. "The last two years, the team has done great,” he added. “We got to play in a lot of big-time games, won a Big 12 Championship and just got done playing for the National Championship. I think all of those experiences have helped prepare me for the next level.” Thomas was a consensus first-team All-America selection and Thorpe Award finalist in 2009 after notching 77 tackles, five TFL and 16 PBU. He also broke Texas’ longest-standing school record with eight INTs, eclipsing the mark of seven that was originally set by Noble Doss in 1940. The mark was tied four times but never broken until Thomas this year. His two interception returns for TDs in 2009 also set a UT record. Thomas registered 72 tackles, two interceptions, 17 PBU (No. 1 on UT’s all-time freshman list), three TFL, four forced fumbles and a blocked punt en route to Freshman All-American honors as a redshirt freshman in 2008. - Mack Brown Texas football

FS Earl Thomas

Analysis: CB Dunta Robinson is slated to hit Free Agency in the coming months, and based on the CB prospects available in this years' draft, they should opt to either resign him to a long-term deal or Franchise Tag him. There is good CB depth on this team, and to a certain extent, it seems as if the Texans Secondary woes were alleviated with the Free Agent pickup of former Chief SS Bernard Pollard; the hole at the Free Safety position is still definite, and a talented and rangy young playmaker is probably the team's biggest need at this point in time.

Offensively, RB Steve Slaton was benched and eventually ended up on Injured Reserve. While the former 3rd round pick provided a spark to the franchise a year ago, his production must be maximized with a backfield mate - Jonathan Dwyer can be that guy. Before singing Dwyer's praises however, I must mention that former Tennessee Volunteer Arian Foster came on strong at years' end, and he could very well be a future stalwart of what projects to be a Running Back by committee. Foster's future may indeed decide this pick

Pick Analysis: While FS is the Franchise's biggest need right now, there are currently no players outside of Eric Berry who fit the mold of a playmaker capable of being a rangy pass defender in what is now a passing league. Keep an eye on Texas Longhorn All-American Safety Earl Thomas, a diminutive ( 5'9" 195") player who offers a high degree of upside if given the opportunity to be a pure coverage guy. Being that Safety is a position of attrition, and that Thomas has earned all the necessary accolades, the 2009-2010 BCS National Championship game may be his last in Austin. Though Thomas' declaration has yet to come, his final grade and declaration decision will weigh on this pick - for the mean time. If he does decide to return for his senior season, the Texans may take a good, long, hard look at Georgia Tech feature back Jonathan Dwyer. Dwyer is a cross between Jonathan Stewart and Derrick Ward. He has prototype size at 5’11” 230lbs, and legit longspeed (approx 4.48 40yard dash).

If Thomas is not available RB Jonathan Dwyer will be a strong consideration, or there may be a trade...

- FS Earl Thomas #12 --

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