Andre's Picks 12-15 of 2010 NFL Mock Draft | Dolphins - 49ers - Seahawks - Giants

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Andre's Picks 12-15 of 2010 NFL Mock Draft | Dolphins - 49ers - Seahawks - Giants

Post by YungMoney on Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:06 pm

ANDRE'S NFL Draft Big Board (includes Juniors) --- SCROLL DOWN FOR Mock Draft

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#12 Dolphins (7-9) (.559) -- WR, NT, Rush LB

WR Dez Bryant

Preliminary Analysis: The Dolphins should have the best opportunity to pick the player they want in my opinion. Workouts will decide this pick, and I currently have the most pressing need on this team available at #12.

Pick Analysis: WR is the biggest need, however if OLB Sergio Kindle reminds Parcells of DeMarcus Ware, he may pull the trigger. The Phins need a WR more than a NT or OLB at this moment, and if Bryant runs in the mid 4.4s, there's no doubt he's the guy here; beware of WR Dwayne Bowe in FA. If not, from the gametape Dez Bryant may remind the viewer of Beast, aka Marshall, but is more pro ready coming out of school.

If Sergio Kindle is available and WR Dez Bryant fails to run sub 4.5, look for Kindle to be a strong possibility here, a player who can be paired with the recently emerging Cameron Wake - bookend OLBs of the future.

- WR Dez Bryant #1 --

#13 49ers ( 8-8 ) (.477) -- CB, OL, S

SS Taylor Mays

Preliminary Analysis: The 49ers have moved to the “Spread” Offense, a philosophy which is hinged upon the ability of the Offensive Line to hold up against the NFL’s athletic pass rushers. However, it still cannot be understated that ball control will have to be the preeminate philosophy of the 49ers coaching brass given their Playoff-caliber Defense. Regardless, looking at their current Offensive line, Left Tackle Joe Staley is a future pro-bowler if he could just avoid the injury bug, but his replacement 13 year player OT Barry Sims has also played exceedingly well. In fact the Offensive Line as a whole has played very well, but has shown its inconsistency when facing elite defenses.

Team Analysis: QB Alex Smith has successfully adopted to his role as a spread QB in the NFL. He has kept his team competitive offensively with the weapons provided to him, and has shown the ability to make the type of throws which made him a 1st round pick in 2005. Looking at their Monday Night game against the Cardinals, although the Defense forced its share of turnovers, Alex Smith did make the throws which were asked of him. He played within the system and aided his team in winning. While I am still 100% in favor of living or dying with Alex Smith, many 49ers fans have refused to accept his inconsistency. The 2010 offseason will be the key to Alex Smith solidifying his future as an NFL starter, and being the guy to turn around the emerging San Francisco franchise.

Pick Analysis: Based on his current grade, and based on the 49ers needs, it would be too high to take a RT here - and barring a trade - the ‘best player available’ mantra would would most likely be applicable to the pick made in this spot. One thing to be sure to watch is how NT Aubrayo Franklin’s contract situation is taken care of after the season ends. Personally, I really cant see him being let go as it looks like the 49ers have the type of team capable of making a run in the next 3-4 years, so pending his resigning I can rest easy placing CB Joe Haden, S Taylor Mays, or CB Perrish Cox in this spot. Again, I don’t want to underestimate the possibility of a trade, as the 49ers seem to have a team with solid players at every position. That being said, all three players would bring speed, youth, physicality, and high-level production (in a high-level Conference) to the already deep secondary in San Fran; he’d also be great value based on the draft position. Michael Lewis' injury bugs may spell the end of his tenure in San Fran.

- SS Taylor Mays #2 --

#14 Seahawks from Broncos ( 8-8 ) (.527) -- SS, FS, DE, RB

RB CJ Spiller

Analysis: By way of the 2009 trade that allowed the Denver Broncos to select diminutive CB Alphonso Smith in the 2nd round, the Seattle Seahawks netted themselves an additional 1st round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft - to their astonishment, that pick is in the top 15.

To start out, many things stand to change depending on where OT Anthony Davis ends up being drafted, and specifically if he falls to the Seahawks at pick #7. As that is their most pressing need while Matt Hasselbeck enters the twilight of his career, an Offensive Tackle of the highest caliber is stands to infuse the team with additional talent, and aid Hasselbeck in leading his Seahawks to future playoff success. Being that S Taylor Mays or RB CJ Spiller could end up being the pick at 7th overall, I believe the Seahawks will keep a sharp eye on OT Charles Brown of USC as a potential acquisition somewhere in the 1st round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Charles Brown would be perfect for zone-blocking scheme of Seattle, and would satisfy a need position if the Seahawks are left with him as their sole option to satisfy their glaring need for a Left Tackle; his former Coach at USC, Pete Carroll is now the Seahawks coach.

According to my projections however, the Seahawks may stand to acquire OT Anthony Davis or OT Russell Okung with the 7th overall pick, and if that is the case the Seahawks brass will target the player who can without a doubt be called the best overall talent in this years' draft - RB CJ Spiller. If they want the Clemson product who set the ACC All-purpose yardage record, they better not fall asleep at the wheel, as his ability will no doubt intrigue a conglomerate of NFL teams who are looking for the next Chris Johnson or Marshall Faulk - most noteably the New York Giants. If Im the Seahawks, I may even opt to choose Spiller with the 7th overall pick, and let the OT who drops assume the position at #14 overall. If the Seahawks opt for OT at 7th overall, which is most logical given the importance of the position, and CJ Spiller is off the board - I wouldnt rule out FS Earl Thomas or S Chad Jones from being this pick although the franchise has selected 3 DBs with their 1st draft picks in the last 7 years. Again, if Spiller is gone at #14, its likely that the Seahawks either take Earl Thomas, Chad Jones, or trade down and switch picks with a team like the Packers or Cowboys, whose in need of an Offensive Tackle. As the draft draws nearer, its likely that the Seahawks draft picture may clear up a little.

- RB CJ Spiller #28 --

#15 New York Giants ( 8-8 ) (.527) -- OT, RB, S, OG

OT Trent Williams

Preliminary Analysis: With the collapse - which may be the understatement of the year - of what was the final 3 games of the Giants season which lead to the dissolution of their subsequent playoff hopes, the Franchise looks to be in disarray. The Offense could not matriculate the ball and the Defense was an abysmal failure. While all the pieces look to be there, something just isn't right, and I don't believe the solution can come out of this draft. Tom Coughlin must review his team and figure out which pieces must be replaced in order to live up to the expectations which followed their 2007 Superbowl run.

Team Analysis: The team seemed to lose its leadership and toughness with the loss of starting MLB & signal caller Antonio Pierce. While I believe his replacement MLB Chase Blackburn is a rising star, I also believe that the losses of former D-Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, as well as his "coach on the field" MLB Antonio Pierce, was just too much for the team to handle. Further, DE Osi Umenyiora lost his job due to his weakness at the point of attack, a notion which characterizes a player's ability to "stack and shed" an Offensive Lineman during a running play. Having been replaced by 2007 1st round pick DE Mathias Kiwanuka, Osi's days in New York may indeed be numbered. Being gashed by both the run and the pass throughout the season, the loss of FS Kenny Phillips was profound enough to possibly hand a Pro Bowl nod to Eagles WR DeSean Jackson, as the Giants Secondary looked inept against the pass - almost pedestrian. The prognosis of Phillips returning from a torn ACL stands to be the biggest offseason movement for the Giants, barring a blockbuster trade involving DE Osi Umenyiora. The Giants Offensive Line was nicked throughout the season, however there is very good depth not only along the 5 man unit, but at all positions on this team.

Looking at the RB position, Brandon Jacobs had an up and down season which may also spell the demise of his career in New York. The notion that Power Backs suddenly disappear after a few good seasons may eventually be cliche, as Brandon Jacobs may have taken too many blows to be a longterm answer for the Giants Offense. After allowing "wind" aka RB Derrick Ward to hit Free Agency last year, the Giants were left with the steady Ahmad Bradshaw as their "big play" guy; he too was nicked up throughout the season. Former Georgia RB Danny "DJ" Ware was never utilized much, yet he did have alot of hype coming into the season as the potential replacement for Derrick Ward. From the looks of it, he may have to replace Brandon Jacobs, a guy who failed to net 1000 yards as the "feature back" this season.

Pick Analysis: Giants may play follow the leader being that recent picks of small RBs has boded well for their respective teams. If they believe Bradshaw is more than capable of being their dynamic RB, then they could either opt to go with an OT or possibly trade this pick. They may even trade up to grab Spiller, especially if they believe Jahvid's injury history is too dangerous to invest in. Like the 49ers, the NY Giants have very few needs on their team. Based on my personal analysis, negating the natural bias persisting on both coastlines, and negating the recent back and head injury suffered, I believe Jahvid Best grades out equally to Clemson RB CJ Spiller. However based on those injuries I project Best to go somewhere between about 15th overall and 40th overall. Like Spiller, he is indeed a 1st round talent in the mold of Felix "the Cat" Jones, Chris Johnson, and Jamaal Charles.

Depending on how picks 1 through 14 fall in line, there is a possibility Rutgers Junior entry OT Anthony Davis could fall here, if that is the case I have serious doubts as to whether they'd pass on one of the more talented players in this draft, for a position [RB] which historically has proven to be available in quantity in later rounds. Jahvid Best and Jonathan Dwyer are great RB's, but the Giants must keep in mind that as this is now a passing league, providing longterm protection for their Franchise SuperBowl winning QB should be the first order of business. Nevertheless, if Davis is unavailable, keep an eye on OT Trent Williams or the talented LT Bryan Bulaga as the possible selection if they drop here. I do believe an Offensive Lineman will be considered here, as 2009 2nd round pick OT William Beatty is still on the roster, and is going thru his growing pains much like Eagles 2006 2nd round pick OT Winston Justice did in his rookie year; Justice has re-established himself and received a long-term deal in 2009.

Given William Beatty's selection by the Giants in the 2nd round of the 2009 NFL Draft, all signs point to the gamebreaking RBs CJ Spiller and Jahvid Best being the most likely selections here in the middle of the 1st round. If Jahvid Best finishes his Junior season healthy, I would have no doubt that he'd be CJ Spiller's equal in terms of NFL Personnel evaluator's draft boards, however the fact remains that Best suffered a major head injury, and it will be a dangerous investment to make in the 1st round if Best has recurring complications from that 2009 concussion. In that regard, the Giants may indeed trade up with the Broncos or Jaguars in order to take CJ Spiller and bring yet another gamebreaking young "Factor Back" to the NFC East.

- OT Trent Williams #71 --

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