Cutler: A quitter?

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Cutler: A quitter?

Post by Joe on Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:30 pm

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By Joe

Charles Rex Arbogast, AP

Jay Cutler is seen, with the signature (or not) look on his face. The look of someone who doesn't care. The look of someone who isn't trying to win a championship. The look of someone who isn't into the game, and who wont even give his fellow 3rd string QB some advice.

Where are Cutler's leadership qualities? Where's his heart? Where's his drive? Hell, where IS he? This is the biggest game of Cutler's life, and he's sitting there on the sidelines feeling sorry for himself.

I'm sure everyone remembers when Romo went down. This was a serious injury, knocking him out for the year. What was he doing? He was on the sidelines, cheering on his teammates and giving advice to his backup Jon Kitna. He was INTO the game, and Cutler was NOT.

Cutler was in his own world, he really didn't seem to care. Is this what you want the leader of your team to be doing? Sitting on the sideline, and completely out of the game? I sure as hell don’t.

Cutler showed a complete lack of respect to his fans, coaches, teammates, and anyone that has ever rooted for him. You may say it’s not that big of a deal, but it is. Your QB should be the leader of your team, and the face of the franchise. What a lousy face Cutler is.

I’m not saying this because I’m a bitter Broncos fan, as Bears fans and other NFL players have said things much worse than what I’m saying here. Even Maurice Jones-Drew was bashing Cutler on his twitter page, saying that he played on a bum knee the whole year.

I haven't even gotten into the fact that he was walking on the sidelines, with no visible limp, and was even on the bike. To me that is a little suspicious, but even if you ignore that, his demeanor on the sidelines was nothing less than deplorable.

I saw a tweet that said: "Jay Cutler = LeBron James" and that's not entirely fair to James. LeBron is a million times better than Jay Cutler. I do understand the comparison however. LeBron in last years playoffs, quit on his team, just like Cutler did. I find this completely unacceptable, and I wonder if his teammates are questioning his leadership qualities.

All of this makes Cutler seem like more of a douche than he already is. Reminds me of Phillip Rivers, but Rivers is actually a nice guy and elite NFL QB. Cutler? I don't even know if he's nice or mean, but I know that he doesn't care. He doesn't answer questions directly, and when asked who he looked up to when he was growing up he answered, "Nobody."

Who should root for Cutler? Nobody.

Except Bears fans, and I'm not even sure of that.

~ Joe

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