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Andre's Picks 6-11 of 2010 NFL Mock Draft | Seahawks - Browns - Raiders - Bills - Jaguars - Broncos

Post by YungMoney on Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:03 pm

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#6 Seahawks (5-11) (.477) -- OT, S, DT, RB, QB

BREAKING NEWS: USC coach Pete Carroll is close to a deal to coach the Seattle Seahawks, according to people familiar with the matter. The Seahawks fired coach Jim Mora Friday after one season.

LT Russell Okung

Opening Statement: It is my firm belief that the Browns need Mays more than the Seahawks, as they have a bigger hole in their Secondary and play in a run-heavy division with poor talent on the outsides (WRs) (teams usually draft based on Divisional opponents first as that is the easiest way to the playoffs). In that regard, I truly believe the Browns have come along well enough in their run D to make a coverage Safety their top priority, and Mays is considered a shaky prospect in that arena. As for the Seahawks, not only do they have a porous run Defense, but that characterization ironically coincides with the fact that they've selected a Defensive player with their top draft pick in four consecutive years, while choosing to dip into Free Agency for Offensive talent. With that knowledge it would almost seem ludicrous for the Seahawks to opt for taking a Safety with their top pick, especially being that they have an aging QB (who could be on the trading block) a gaping hole at the LT spot, and a lack of impact playmakers on Offense. Having said that, I believe that the time for Offense is now, and although Carroll is a defensive coach, there are far too many holes on Offense to ignore.

Preliminary Analysis: Let me start out by saying this: the Seahawks are a team who is making a final push at winning a Championship in the next 3-5 years; a statement which I base on Matt Hasselbeck’s future with the franchise. They’ve signed 3 former starters at WR, and while all have played ok, neither has been worth their contract thus far. With that said, look for Deion Branch to be let go, and 2009 3rd round pick Deion Butler to assume his role. Further, the Seahawks have successfully rebuilt their Defense and have young players at every position other than Safety - both Free and Strong [safety]; the Defense has played terribly though. Nonetheless, the preceding characteristics make Safety a glaring need position. Look for Safeties Reshad Jones, Nate Allen, Chad Jones, Morgan Burnett, Major Wright, and Kam Chancellor to be scouted heavily prior to the draft.

Further Analysis: The Alex Gibbs zone-blocking running scheme fits the talent and athleticism of OT Charles Brown, OT Bruce Campbell, and even the 325lb Anthony Davis - perfectly. The fact of the matter however is that all have holes in their game, whether it be Brown's lack of weight, Campbell's injury history, and Davis' inconsistencies - and having said that, Russell Okung is regarded as the best Left Tackle prospect in this draft. Okung may not be available depending on what the Lions and Redskins opt to go, but fear not Seahawks fans as you have another 1st round pick by way of the Broncos. The availability of that pick gives the Seahawks a lot of flexibility here (where they can actually take a risk on high ceiling guys like the three Offensive Tackles mentioned above), however the 49ers do have an equal need at Offensive Tackle, and more specifically on the right or 'strong' side of their line; the 49ers took former USC alum OG Chilo Rachal in 2008 so its likely that not only Charles Brown (though not in the mold of maulers like Trent Williams, Anthony Davis, and Bryan Bulaga), but also the talented Campbell will get strong looks if they drop. In approving of his play at USC, LT Charles Brown fits the zone scheme perfectly with his elite athleticism, although he is only about 292 lbs in weight and opted to decline an invite to the Senior Bowl. Though an NFL weight-training regimen can further allow Brown to grow into his frame, there will be questions as to whether Brown can carry added weight and take his game to the NFL level. While Brown is a former Pete Carroll stalwart, OT Anthony Davis has a ceiling that extends higher than any other Offensive Lineman in this draft based on how I grade him, however his lackluster performance against weak competition, and then his worldbeating performance against the USF edge rushers of George Selvie and Jason Pierre-Paul will weigh heavily on his draft stock come decision time. Lastly, while Okung has been the most steady all-around OT in this draft, he doesn't really seperate himself enough (especially athletically when on the move) from his top contemporaries to make him a lock to be the first Offensive Tackle off the board. Finally, given that Pete Carroll has decided to surround himself with veteran league positional coaches, it is possible that personal association will give way to an Offensive (and specifically Offensive line coaches) vote. As for RB Jahvid Best and CJ Spiller, their resumes are strong enough to warrant being selected with the second 1st round pick, by way of the Broncos - possessed by the Seahawks; Spiller more-so due to Best's recent head injury.

Previous to his firing, former Coach Jim Mora had made strong comments concerning the toughness of his O-line, so it must be taken into consideration as to how Brown’s - or for that matter - any zone-blocking Offensive Lineman’s requisite weight (which impacts movement skills, but decreases power) affects the possibility of a guy like Trent Williams going here. Though Mora is out, the problem still persists, and cannot be ignored.

Pick Analysis: Looking at the bigger picture I feel the Seahawks draft room deliberations will be buzzing with the fact that the biggest gamebreaker of this draft will be available - that being RB CJ Spiller of Clemson. It has been said that Spiller is a better prospect than RB Reggie Bush, and based on my grade of Spiller, he would be worth every penny of the money guaranteed to him at #6 or #7 overall. I believe the Seahawks will recognize Spillers’ rare talent here, but will be forced to to pull the trigger on one of the top 3 talented Offensive Lineman in this years draft - the 6'6" 325lb Anthony Davis, the 6'5" 306lb Russell Okung, or the 6'6" 292lb Charles Brown. Regardless of the availability of mauler OT Trent Richardson, QB Tim Tebow, RB CJ Spiller, RB Jahvid Best, QB Colt McCoy, or even SS Taylor Mays, the overall grade of Okung, Davis, and Brown makes them the most likely possibilities at this point of the draft. Though RB CJ Spiller would provide immediate production, and makes alot of sense, both the availability of the 14th overall pick, and RBs Joe McKnight and others in the 2nd round, will probably make Spiller no more than a drooling thought here in the top 10.

As it stands however, veteran QB Matt Hasselbeck may be traded, and given that there really aren't any NFL-starting quality QBs behind him, QBs Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford may be selected in this spot (ie: a QB/LT combo, rather than a LT/RB or LT/S combo). It should be interesting to see which of the two drop, as the situation with Sam Bradford's native ancestry and the current Redskins team name may be too much for the two sides to close a deal.

Again, the dynamics of former USC coach Pete Carroll being given full control of this franchise stands to have a huge impact on the top 15 picks of this draft. Three of his former players (S Taylor Mays, OT Charles Brown, RB Joe McKnight) have declared/are slated to be commodities in the top three rounds of the 2010 NFL Draft, and it just so happens that all three are the Seahawks biggest needs. Being that Offensive Tackle is a position which is historically safer than Safety in the 1st round, I truly believe either USC Alum OT Charles Brown, or OkState Alum Russell Okung will be the most likely pick, and there is no doubt in my mind that their respective withdrawals from the Under Armor Senior Bowl will cloud Pete Carroll and the Seahawk's talent/Personnel people's decisions even more. Either way, Charles Brown may have to be given the advantage here, and tie goes to Brown especially if he adds on at least another 10 -12 lbs prior to the combine - where he can then showcase his skills under the added weight. Brown not only has ties to Carroll but much like Maryland OT Bruce Campbell, he has the highest ceiling (to go with their efficient production) of the top OTs in this draft.

How does Jimmy Clausen figure into this pick, especially if Mike Holmgren comes calling for Matt Hasselbeck?

- LT Russell Okung #76 --

#7 Browns (5-11) (.512) -- S, DT, DE, RB, CB, Rush LB

CB Joe Haden

Browns Preliminary Analysis: Based on the way Mangini’s drafted while with the Jets (top picks), Id be apt to believe that this pick will be an Offensive or Defensive Lineman, a pass rusher, or a CB. Looking at what he did in last years’ draft, he traded back and took an Offensive Lineman. Putting that history together, we know that Mangini is a build-from-the-inside-out type of mind, while shunning Offensive “skill” positions in the 1st round. It can be said that he’s satisfied with the Offensive Line fits in Cleveland, the starting CBs (who by the way are emerging as good young players), the OLBs Matt Roth and Kamerion Wimbley (who are bringing physicality and speed), and ILB DQwell Jackson who is a pro-bowl type player (although injured). That leaves the D-Line and Safety position as the holes.

Franchise News:
- The Cleveland Browns have signed Mike Holmgren as the head of football operations, otherwise known as the “czar” of the Browns. Among other poignant preliminary assessments, "Quinn has had 12 starts in three years - three in 2008 and nine in 2009. That isn't enough to judge him accurately, according to Holmgren. Holmgren says a quarterback has to start in the same system for three years to be assessed properly." Lets take a quick look at what Holmgren’s personnel decisions have entailed:

Jan. 14 2010 - Browns president Mike Holmgren and GM Tom Heckert have both made it clear that they need to upgrade at quarterback this offseason. Derek Anderson is unlikely to return with a $2M roster bonus in March, and Brady Quinn hasn't shown enough to be counted on as the starter again. Considering the new front office hires, beat writer Tony Grossi expects Matt Hasselbeck, Donovan McNabb, and Kevin Kolb to be the primary trade targets.

2001: WR Koren Robinson
2002: TE Jerramy Stevens
2003: CB Marcus Trufant
2004: DT Marcus Tubbs
2005: C Chris Spencer
2006: CB Kelly Jennings
2007: CB Josh Wilson (2nd round)
2008: DE Lawrence Jackson
2009: OLB Aaron Curry

With a quick look at those picks, in relation to the slot in which the player was taken, as well as the players who were on the board both prior and after the Seahawks choice was made, it is apparent that Mike Holmgren drafts based on need in correlation to college production. None of those 1st round picks between 2001 & 2009 were the best athletes at their position, nor were others considered the best player at their respective position at the time of the pick. However it has been noticeable that all have good character, are very professional about their job, and are seldom seen calling attention to their game; all have contributed to the franchise, but only Trufant has been a true impact player; he is a great athlete. As previously stated, the Browns have needs on the D-Line and at both Safety positions (more-so SS), but the Quarterback situation is still in limbo. Holmgren had Hasselbeck his entire tenure in Seattle, and he actually drafted QB David Greene and steady back-up Seneca Wallace in the later rounds of previous drafts; both were considered developmental prospects, and were viewed to be no more than NFL backups - a role Wallace has filled well when called. With respect to the Browns, QB Brady Quinn and former starter Derek Anderson have been highly inconsistent and have failed to take this franchise to where it wants to be. While this season was Quinn’s first legitimate opportunity to start, he underwhelmed, but it would be ignorant to attribute their record to him alone. The team however, seemed to be coming together with Quinn at the helm and the Mangini doctrine coming to fruition - at least partly. His doctrine emphasizes running the ball and stopping the run. In that regard, the Browns Offensive Line has seemed dominant at times with the perennial Pro-Bowler and possible Hall of Famer Joe Thomas leading the unit. Former 4th Round pick RB Jerome Harrison has looked promising and projects to be the future starter. 2nd Round WRs Mohammed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie have shown growth (more-so Massaquoi) and look to be the future at the position.; 5th Round pick TE Evan Moore is an emerging talent, as he grows under proper tutelage, he too will provide a playmaker with which the Offense can be centered around. It does seem as if more weapons are needed, however, whether that be another Wide Receiver, a complimentary Running Back (Jerome Harrison has emerged as a stellar RB, he should not be worn out as his wheels look good right now), or a QB who can make the plays to take the Offense to another level. Defensively, it was very apparent early on in the season that the Browns could not stop the run, however with the insertion of NT Ahtyba Rubin into the starting lineup in place of Shaun Rogers, the run defense improved dramatically and allowed for a 4 game winning streak from week 14 on, thus allowing Coach Eric Mangini to keep his job. The Browns really came on strong defensively towards years end, and it should be noted that starting Pro Bowl caliber ILB D'Qwell Jackson was out of the lineup for much of the season. His return, in addition to the longterm deal expected to be given to OLB Matt Roth and CB Eric Wright (in addition to Rubin) stand to bolster the Browns defensive ranks with quality young and experienced talents.

Here's a breakdown of the Browns personnel situation:

- ILB DQwell Jackson's contract ends after 2009 - 2010 season

- NT Ahtyba Rubin has strengthened the Browns run defense, and is said to be a better fit at the nose than Free Agent pick-up DT Shaun Rogers, who is currently on IR

- In my opinion, that essentially removes NT Terrence Cody as a player who the Browns will select in the top 10 picks of the 2010 NFL draft. Shaun Rogers' tenure in Cleveland could be nearing its end

- As it would be beneficial to DT Corey Williams and his inability to fit into Mangini's 3-4 scheme, it is said that Browns President Mike Holmgren may switch to the 4-3 scheme. How would that fair for OLB Kamerion Wimbley?

- OLB and Free Agency pickup Matt Roth is said to be a "god send" to the Browns 3-4 Linebacking Corp. His contract is slated to end after the 2009-2010 season.

- The Browns Offensive Line possesses 3 top-tier starters under 30 years old, with solid veterans and good enough talent to back up all the positions; the Offensive Line looks to be solid. The Browns must take a long look at their QB situation and decide whether a veteran (probably of the West Coast Offense) should be brought in.

- Brandon McDonald has been in and out of the starting lineup due to his play which the coaches seem to believe is unbecoming of an NFL starter. Mike Adams, his replacement, is an NFL journeyman who just seems to be a patchwork fix, and who doesn't seem to be the longterm answer. Holmgren drafted CB Marcus Trufant and CB Kelly Jennings in the 1st round of previous drafts with the Seahawks - Trufant in the top 10. Joe Haden is seeming ever more likely as the guy here, especially being that there have been recent "atheltic phenom" busts at Safety in recent years, specifically LaRon Landry, Roy Williams, Reggie Nelson, and the Bullocks brothers.

Pick Analysis: Though NT Shaun Rogers is out for the season, NT Ahtyba Rubin has filled in well in the new system, and DE Corey Williams stands to get better as he gets more 3-4DE experience under his belt; DE Kenyon Coleman is a solid veteran, and a guy Mangini brought over from the Jets. At Safety, Brodney Pool has been a good coverage guy, but has concussion issues that may affect his career; nonetheless there is a hole at SS, with the onus being on Brodney to return after his concussion issues subside. The flexible CB/S Mike Adams has been a commodity whose filled in at both CB and Safety in Pool's absence, however he was limited in his role at Safety due to CB Brandon MacDonald's struggles. Nevertheless the biggest holes on this team lie at SS, CB, and WR and in saying that, I feel that Holmgren will weight his final options on either the best athlete in this draft in SS Taylor Mays out of Southern Cal, or the young, big, and athletic All SEC and All American CB Joe Haden out of Florida. Again, the most productive all-around DB of the last 3 years in FS/SS Eric Berry will be considered pre-draft, however it is unlikely that he'll be here, and given that Holmgren took Trufant in the top 10 of the 2003 NFL Draft, all signs point to CB Joe Haden having the advantage over SS Taylor Mays. Though Holmgren has a history of taking USC alums, he obviously holds the belief that CB is one of the most important positions on the team, and that a good CB is well worth the guaranteed money given to them as top picks.

Again, with the recognition that they have a young Secondary who is efficient in Coverage, yet a Defense who has issues stopping the run, it would be negligent to believe that the Browns pass up the best player available in a position of need (note that Holmgren is known to draft based on need as it relates to college production and consistency - 1st). While SS Taylor Mays is in the mold of Adrian Wilson, Berry and Haden were unanimous All-SEC picks, and both can cover - the latter on any offensive receiving threat, and the former on the slot WR. Though I feel that Mays is one of the rarest athletes in recent memory, the fact that this is now a passing league gives the benefit of the doubt to both FS/SS Eric Berry and CB Joe Haden, regardless of the run-heavy tendencies of the AFC North. Holmgren knows the value of a CB, and it would be deemed a colossal error to miss on Mays if he ends up turning out like Roy Williams and LaRon Landry. Again, Mays projects to be an Adrian Wilson-type enforcer with even better measurables, but his measurables don’t give him the coverage-ability that both Eric Berry and Joe Haden bring. I would also be remiss if I didn’t point out that the preeminent Safeties in the NFL reside in the Browns’ Division, and both Reed and Polamalu have similar size to Berry, yet get the job done in all arenas. However, with Berry gone, Haden would easily be the guy here. Look for the Browns to solidify their D-Line and skill positions with their 2nd and 3rd round picks. This is a very average class of CBs outside of the 1st round in my opinion.

In my personal opinion, the West Coast Offense isn’t built with high 1st round picks, outside of Offensive Tackles. With that I believe that Holmgren will take it slow with the current Browns Offense, and build the defense. Given the comments Holmgren has made regarding a QB, especially a local star and former 1st round pick like Brady Quinn, one has to believe he will be given time to grow in the new Offensive system.

There’s no doubt in my mind that given the resurgence of the Browns defense towards the end of the season, Berry and Haden are now the preferred players over the top 2 DT’s - if they are available; Mays would probably be the last ditch choice if neither were on the board at #7 overall.

- CB Joe Haden #5 --

#8 Raiders (5-11) (.527) -- OT, Rush DE, QB, DT

OT Anthony Davis

Preliminary Analysis: Let me start out by singing my praises of Doc-B aka Bruce Gradkowski. He has shown the talent that helped him break Dan Marino’s high school records, and has showed excellent pocket presence - which personally, is one of my most important traits for a QB to have. Having said all that, I truly believe the Raiders will bring in a QB who has started in this league before - whether that be Derek Anderson, Mike Vick, or Jason Campbell - in order to bring another veteran presence to the position; Al Davis’ history has shown favor to Veteran NFL QBs. Unless JaMarcus shows something the rest of this regular season (which he hasn’t thus far) and offseason (already being on Tom Cable’s bad side) he’s likely on his way out.

Team Analysis: The Raiders have a glaring need at Right Offensive Tackle, as Cornell Green is not the long-term answer. There is a possibility that OT Russell Okung or OT Anthony may drop to the Raiders, but is a Right Tackle worth the 8th overall selection? Maybe if you move the current starting Left Tackle to the Right side. And about that Left Tackle, former 2007 3rd Round pick Mario Henderson has been a nice surprise since taking the starting spot this offseason, & in a way tells that signals that Al Davis may feel that he can get a quality starter at Right (“weakside”) Offensive Tackle in the later rounds; Al Davis could also choose to dip into F.A. for an OT like Jamaal Brown - much like he did for Cornell Green. Further, what we know is that Tom Cable is an Offensive Line Coach, but Davis makes the picks. Still, you would hope that Cable has earned a larger voice in the draft room with his insertion of Bruce Gradkowski as starting QB, a move which has proven immensely successful and given the team and their fans hope; will Coach Cable even be around for the draft? Nevertheless, a pass protector like Russell Okung (more pro-ready) or Anthony Davis (more upside) brings potential Ryan Clady-type talent to the position. Either would be worth the money slotted to them at 8th overall.

Draft Analysis: Looking at the big picture, I am a firm believer in the Al Davis “draft protocol” which calls for taking the best athlete at their respective position. This year that guy is SS Taylor Mays, DE Carlos Dunlap, OLB Sergio Kindle, and TE Aaron Hernandez. Last year, the Raiders found their Taylor Mays in the form of 2nd round shocker pick SS Mike Mitchell who is an athletic phenom, and an impact hitter. This year, DE Carlos Dunlap has dropped on draft boards due to his idiotic (understatement) DUI right before the SEC Championship game. OLB Sergio Kindle is an ideal 3-4 guy who has shown strength against the run and explosive burst off the snap - but the 6’6” 290 lb Dunlap is just so much bigger. If the DUI for Dunlap is not a red flag, then I don’t know what is, but what I do know is Al Davis loves athletes and Dunlap is much like DE Derrick Harvey and DE Tyson Jackson. If we ignore Dunlap’s misstep, he is a top-25 talent for sure. As for Kindle, he is a very possible sleeper pick in this slot, as I envision he'll give Al Davis illisions of grandeur so-to-speak, and the belief that an elite pass rusher with an incredibly high ceiling like Kindle can make his dreams of bringing a complete press man2man coverage scheme back to the NFL. With Asmougha and Chris Johnson on the Corners, and Kindle and Travis Scott rushing from the edges, that dream could be set into motion.

Pick Analysis: As previously stated, Coach Tom Cable is a former Offensive Line coach, and currently calls the plays for the Raiders. Since taking the helm of this franchise, Tom Cable has made great personnel decisions and has called the right type of game needed to give the “black hole” and “RaiderNation” hope for the future. The truth of the matter however, is that Cable may not be around to see his philosophy and personnel decisions pay off. However, former Bengals and Falcons WR Coach Hugh Jackson has been brought in by Al Davis to help turn Jamarcus Russell into the caliber of QB Al Davis projected him to be when he took the former LSU star #1 overall in 2007. Reportedly that spells good things for Tom Cable remaining the Raiders coach for the foreseable future. As for Cable's personnel decisions while at the helm, they include but are not limited to: demotion of former #1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell, insertion of free agent signee Bruce Gradkowski, promotion of WR Louis Murphy to the starting WR spot, and calling the ideal mix between run and pass plays which has resulted in wins over the Bengals, Steelers, and Broncos thus far (among others). In lieu of the knowns, RaiderNation should hope that Cable (or whomever the coach may be) has earned a larger voice in the draft room, and if that is the case, I believe the gritty, no-nonsense Offensive Line coach would aim to solidify his beloved unit, and do it with OT Russel Okung, OT Anthony Davis or OT Trent Williams (unlikely as he does not have the feet to be an elite LT). Davis is a large OT (6’6” 330lbs) with the best all-around athleticism for the position in this draft, however he has definite technical flaws in his game, and those flaws were readily apparent against inferior competition. However did someone say athleticism? Well there you have it, at least Cable has a strong selling point for the player he may to bookend with the emerging Mario Henderson; Davis needs lots of coaching. However, while Davis is athletic, Trent Williams (6’5” 310lbs) is one of the key cogs which not only helped make Oklahoma the offensive powerhouse that its been over the last 3 seasons. He’s known to be one of, if not ‘the’ most physical player in the draft, and how could a line Coach not want that in a lineman? To pair with his physicality, he has fair athleticism suited better for the RT position, as he may struggle against NFL-caliber pass-rushers much like former teammate Phil Loadholt. Iowa's Bryan Bulaga is another player who will be heavily scouted by the Raiders, but given the fact that former 2nd overall pick OG (LT at the time) Robert Gallery has flopped based on his positional projection and guaranteed money, Bulaga is unlikely to be the guy here. In my opinion this pick must not be squandered as the franchise does have hope. If Al Davis overcommitts to the Gators or Longhorns “workout warriors” (who I personally don’t believe can make the Raiders better), those being DE Carlos Dunlap or OLB Sergio Kindle, Raider fans may have to look forward to yet another bleak outlook for the future. The time is now for Al Davis to heed the warnings made by both Lane Kiffin and [subtly] Tom Cable - warnings which began with the ending of the JaMarcus Russell experiment, and urge the allowance of greater privelages allotted to the Head Coach in the draft room. Al Davis must allow Tom Cable or whomever is next year's coach, to have a legitimate voice in the draft process. This pick may in all likelihood cause a rift between Tom Cable and Al Davis if Anthony Davis and/or Russell Okung perform well in the pre-draft workouts, while Dunlap and Kindle do the same in their sessions; Al Davis is already said to be irked by Tom Cable's belief that JaMarcus Russell isnt a starting-caliber NFL QB.

Thoughts to savor:

Personnel News: Chiefs LT Branden Albert's nine sacks allowed are second most in the NFL, behind only Raiders LT Mario Henderson's 9 1/2.

Given Henderson's struggles, which may be attributed to JaMarcus Russell's inability to play with an "internal clock" (with respect to the defensive pass rush), this pick may end up being dependent on how either OkSt OT Russell Okung, OU OT Trent Williams, or Rutgers Junior OT Anthony Davis end up being graded, as one of the three may be the guy here when its all said and done. Davis is said to have the best overall athleticism of all the OT’s in this draft, and has also earned high praise from coach Greg Schiano, however as previously said he has technical flaws in pass (especially in pass protection) and is a few offseasons away from being a starter at LT in the NFL.

Regardless of the availability of Anthony Davis and Trent Williams, I believe the Raiders will prefer LT Russell Okung as the Offensive Tackle at #8 overall if he is available. He is a great value in this slot, and has the athleticism and production worthy of being a top 10 pick. Though OT Charles Brown may drop, he doesnt fit the power-running scheme favored by the Raiders.

All in all, there will be an early run on Offensive Tackles, and being that Al Davis has sternly implied that QB JaMarcus Russell will remain with the franchise for the forseable future, Al Davis will likely invest in his protection in order to afford the struggling former 1st overall selection - or whomever the Raiders end up starting - more time. Al Davis does have a history of drafting based on 'Potential', so OT Anthony Davis should in no way be ruled out of this slot, and I would dare say that he is currently at even standing with Okung in terms of how i envision the Raiders grading both players.

Again keep in mind, OLB Sergio Kindle may be too enticing for the speed-first Owner to pass up, however OT in my opinion is the bigger need, more-so than a pass rusher.

- Greg Schiano on OT Anthony Davis - 12/22/2009 - Schiano said he is convinced that the former high school All-American, who earned first-team all-Big East honors during Rutgers' 9-4 season, is both ready and will make an impact at the NFL level. "Anthony's ready," Schiano said. "He and I have talked many times. I mean, this has been a lifelong dream for him. There's no doubt in my mind that he's ready and that he'll be dominant in that league."

- OT Anthony Davis #75 --

#9 Bills (6-10) (.516) -- OT, QB, LB, OG

BREAKING NEWS out of Buffalo: Buffalo Bills hire former Cowboys Coach and Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey. The Bills were adamant in their stand that they wanted their new head coach to have previous National Football League head coaching experience. Chan Gailey has that. In fact, 15 of his 38 years of coaching football has been in the NFL-with two of those years as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. They also wanted an offensive minded coach who had experience developing quarterbacks. Chan Gailey has that, too. He’s been an offensive coordinator in Denver, Pittsburgh, Miami and Kansas City. But coach Gailey will have his work cut out for him in Buffalo. The Bills haven’t been to the playoffs in 10 years and their offense hasn’t finished any better than 25th in the past seven years. In December, Interim Coach Perry Fewell and other staff holding over from the Dick Jauron era told to clean out their office space

QB Jimmy Clausen

Preliminary Analysis: Firstly there is a purveying understanding that Tim Tebow's offseason workouts may decide this pick. With the comments that former Bills QB and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly made in support of Tebow -over 5 months prior to the draft - it would be hard to take a QB other than the former Heisman trophy and National Championship winner; you could even say it would be ominously dangerous. The premise of Jim Kelly’s comments was the fact that “surfer-type” California QBs don’t have the toughness (both mental & physical) needed to play QB in the terrible conditions of Buffalo. If you want to name names, they go by Rob Johnson, J.P. Losman, and the currently benched Trent Edwards.

Team Analysis: Offensive Line woes have very much shown up for the Bills this season, especially with the loss of the talented OG Eric Wood to a gruesome ankle break. However, the team needs a spark more than any other, and while Fitzpatrick has provided something he just doesn’t seem to have the arm necessary to win in Buffalo; it can be said that he has played exceedingly well, but he is a journeyman in the League (it would make for a great story if he could win out, and I truly am cheering for him to do that - he is currently 3-2 as a starter since the BYE week). Again, it is peculiar that in 2002 and 2004 the Bills drafted 1st round busts Mike Williams and JP Losman at LT and QB, respectively - so it makes you wonder as to whether changes in the Bills personnel and scouting departments stand to better their luck in finding the right player at those two key positions. As far as Offensive Tackle goes, OT Russell Okung, OT Trent Williams, OT Bryan Bulaga, or OT Anthony Davis would be the safest picks if they dropped here. Specifically, Trent Williams has the most to gain or lose depending on how he fairs during the Senior Bowl and other workouts - being that it is unknown whether he has the feet necessary to be a starting Left Tackle in the NFL. That was written two weeks ago, and as we know Trent Williams declined a Senior Bowl invite. He had alot of questions to answer as to whether he had the feet to play Left Tackle in the NFL, and given the fact that he never opted to showcase his talents, its likely he may have scratched himself out of the top 10. As for feet, OT Anthony Davis has them and is considered a legit top 15 pick if the right team with the right needs called on his talents, however his dedication to the game and to being a professional (weight issues) are in question. He has lots of technical flaws to fix before his career is set in full swing. As for the Tebow question, I believe Tebow would rather take the pay cut to go later to the Jags and stay in his hometown learning behind Garrard; it would be best for both parties in my opinion. Though Tebow has the toughness for Buffalo, he is a big project, much more than Clausen if the two were compared; Gailey is a guy who prefers "traditional" Pro-Style QBs and its likely that Tebow's College Offense and mechanics flaws will scare Gailey and the Bills away.

Pick Analysis: Jimmy Clausen has played in former division-rival Charlie Weiss’ Offensive system, and that will bode well for his name being called here. Though he played with NFL-caliber Wideouts, he has shown the ability to read coverage and fire the ball to the proper player after hitting his back foot and reading his keys. If (and it’s an unknown if) Tim Tebow does better than most think he will during the Senior Bowl, Combine, and/or Pro Day I wouldn’t hesitate in believing he could go in this slot. As for Clausen, he has been consistently attributed with the phrase “killer instinct”, a characteristic which I believe allows him to be comparable to Philip Rivers (among other attributes). Clausen has also somehow avoided a loss in confidence despite all the trouble around his Notre Dame tenor, a very interesting development being that he is the “face” of the Notre Dame football program. The gears just seem to fit for Clausen being a top-10 pick in my opinion, as although he had an average-to-poor record as a starter in College - specifically his final year before declaring - he also had a below average Defense, to whose level he never mimicked. That would make me believe he falls somewhere in the top 20-25 picks, and while he is known to have a lot of naysayers, his play does resemble that of a Franchise QB who has the ability to take an Offense to another level; he is not a system QB in my opinion, and based on his tape, he made timing passes to his WRs with the armstrength and accuracy wanted in a Franchise QB.

Rated more highly than Clausen is the oft-injured Oklahoma redshirt Junior gunslinger, better known as Sam Bradford. As previously mentioned, Bradford’s rare accuracy is highly intriguing, and if he performs well and shows health at the pre-draft offseason workouts, I don’t believe his draft stock will fall as much as many are projecting. Bradford’s signing bonus will no longer be as high as he hoped, yet if he goes to the right team and becomes successful, all that could change during his second contract negotiation stint with an NFL GM and Owner; he’s a top-15 pick in my opinion.

All in all, the Bills seem to be hinging their bets on drafting safe, yet productive college players, and with the needs across the O-Line, a top-tier Offensive Tackle like Russell Okung, Anthony Davis, Charles Brown, and Bryan Bulaga would probably be a better fit than QB here. But to pass up on such a rare QB like Sam Bradford who could’ve been last years 1st overall pick, or the potential Franchise QB Jimmy Clausen - may be too much for the Bills talent evaluators to sign off on.

Be wary of a splash-type Free Agency or Coaching pickup like Michael Vick, or Mike Martz. If Vick or Martz is brought in, an OT like Anthony Davis or Trent Williams would be the strongest possibility. Remember Mike Martz (just an Offensive Coordinator possibilty at this point) coached QB Ryan Fitzpatrick with the Rams and he has expressed his approval of the QB situation in Buffalo.

- QB Jimmy Clausen #7 --

The 10th and 11th overall picks will be decided by a pre-draft coinflip between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos (by way of Chicago)

#10 Jaguars (7-9) (.496) -- OLB/Rush DE, C, S, QB, CB,

DEVELOPING NEWS: Beat writer Vito Stellino expects the Jags to part ways with OLB/DE Quentin Groves and FS Reggie Nelson this offseason. Groves had trouble with the Jags' gradual switch to a 3-4 defense, and he spent most of the season in coach Jack Del Rio's doghouse. Nelson has regressed terribly the past two seasons, turning into one of the worst tacklers in the league. Jan. 4 - 3:00 pm et

OLB Sergio Kindle

Preliminary analysis: The Jags fans want QB Tim Tebow, however if the Bills decide to take him, look for the Jags to seriously consider either QB Jimmy Clausen or CB Joe Haden. If OLB/DE Sergio Kindle wows at the combine, also look for the Jags to make him a serious consideration. Further, starting CB Rashean Mathis' contract expires in 2011, and while the Jags like rookie CB Derek Cox, they will need another player in the wings; their Secondary is suspect...

Again, it is also widely known that the Jaguars are still evaluating the play of OLB/DE Quentin Groves as they had previously wanted to move to - or at least implement - the 3-4 for quite some time (this is where OLB Sergio Kindle would come into play), however being that they currently do not have a 2nd round pick (which went to the Patriots), Groves may have to be kept if Tebow is considered too talented to pass up with the Jags 1st pick in 2010 - wherever it may be. Recent news however, has indicated that the Jaguars have decided to stay with the 4-3 full time with the decision-makers indicating that the 3-4 experiment was essentially over.

Further Analysis: It seems to me that the Jags are a perennial middle-of-the-pack team until they figure out a way to at least become top 5 in some category, offensively or defensively. It can be said that they play in the toughest division in football, however if one would agree with the aforesaid, then one must also agree that being average in every category just wont cut it.

Pick Analysis: My opinion of Tebow is much different than many others, and specifically I feel that the system switch made by the 49ers to a spread offense has shown that an athletic spread college QB with a high football IQ and the ability to make all the throws can be very competitive when given the time to hit their backfoot, climb the pocket, and throw. I truly feel that Tim Tebow (regardless of his 'mechanics' flaws) is a better QB than Alex Smith at the point of entering the draft, especially in terms of rising to the competition level. Though Alex Smith had a more coaching-friendly throwing motion, Tim Tebow bypasses him in all the other categories and traits sought in a Franchise QB. Pair that with the fact that Jacksonville has a young cadre of offensive talent at all positions, and that will allow Tim Tebow to assume the mantle in 2-3 years time. Not to slight Garrard as he’s a good QB, but Del Rio must seriously ask himself whether Garrard’s ability allows this team to compete for a Superbowl, and I believe the answer is a firm no. I will mention however, that the Offensive Coordinator of his new team (whether that be the Jags or whomever) must adapt the playbook to Tebow’s strengths, rather than trying to turn him into the so-called “prototype” QB. That means installing a spread system which can also allow the short, yet thick MJD to extend his career, if Tebow becomes a Jaguar. The book on Del Rio has not closed, and if he truly wants to elongate his tenure in Jacksonville, he must solidify his QB position and decide whether Garrard is the answer or not. It should be noted that Garrard made the 2010 Pro Bowl, though by default.

Although many will say this is too early for Tebow, I don’t have any doubt that Tebow will show his talent and ability at the Senior Bowl and combine, both acumen-wise and ability-wise. More-so, if Tebow is passed up on here, there is a strong, almost undeniable possibility that the Vikings or Panthers pull the trigger on the Gator QB if he drops to them; it cant be understated that Tebow wants to be a QB.

Draft Superlative: When taking a good hard long look at the Jacksonville Jaguars, whether during season play, or based on their roster - I was left in awe with the somber realization that they have talent - and young talent at that - at every position. Bookend Offensive Tackles who are still taking their lumps while making strides, a trio of veteran Offensive Lineman who have been agelessly productive, a young starter at RCB in Derrick Cox who stands to learn from veteran ball hawk CB Rashean Mathis, Safeties who are on & off yet who have also made their share of big plays, an interior pair of DTs who can be called among the best, a young athletic middle linebacker who is on the cusp of being a Pro Bowler, a 1st Round pick @ TE who is steadily emerging while being a stalwart in the run game, another young TE (Zach Miller) who has speed and will allow for greater offensive flexibility, a young Running Back with all the tools to go with the steady production he has provided in the running game, and a conglomerate of young yet superbly talented and productive WRs. Within that analysis the one key cog that has seemingly held this team back is the lack of production for their top 2 picks from the 2008 NFL Draft - DE’s Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves. The same can be said about the offensive and defensive schemes which cannot seem put up enough points, and stymie offensive drives, respectively. In finality, I truly believe a coaching change is needed, and specifically a big name veteran coach who can bring in the most dynamic of offensive and defensive coordinators in order to allow this team to make a slew legitimate playoff runs in the future; playoff runs which should be the norm given their cadre of young talent on both sides of the ball. If however, the coaches remain in place, I cannot fathom Tebow going here as Jack Del Rio is most likely sticking to his guns with David Garrard as his guy.

Nonetheless, I truly believe Del Rio was unfairly [or fairly] relegated to having his coaching tenure riddled by facing the best QB possibly ever - at least twice a year - in Peyton Manning. I feel if the Jaguars don’t find a way to close the talent-level with their divisional opponents, whether that be with an elite pass rusher like Kindle, or the player who has been referred to as the greatest College Football player ever in Tim Tebow, that they could be left in the dust for years to come. With Vince Young coming on strong after a slow start, Matt Schaub proving that he is a Pro-Bowl caliber QB, and Peyton Manning experiencing the "Second Renaissance" (if you will) of his career with the retooling and reloading of his Offensive weaponry, that could be the calling card for the drafting of Tim Tebow. I have no doubt that its either now or never for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and while I would no doubt be comfortable putting OLB Sergio Kindle in this slot I do have my doubts as to whether they would dare pass up on Tim Tebow being that they have no 2nd round pick in this years draft. As the Senior Bowl practice results are finally in, Tebow indeed showed the fortitude and talent that not only earned him the Heisman Memorial Trophy, but both garnered him a National Championship over fellow QB rival Sam Bradford, and allowed him to break the Southeastern Conference Touchdown record. Tebow was doggedly hounded by the media after his much publicized 1st day of practice where he fumbled numerous snaps while taking them from under center, yet he rebounded and did so better than anyone could've imagined. His throwing motion and "delivery process" is worrisome however, and it has caused many analysts and scouts to worry as to whether NFL-caliber DE's and pass rushers will be able to both sack and strip him prior to Tebow releasing the ball. In the Senior Bowl game itself, Tebow proved that the transition to a Pro Style QB with talent on a level playing field at both the skill positions and interior line positions - is harder than his college accolades and achievements would've indicated. Expectations now are that he drops out of 1st round consideration as a QB, and may even be charted as a "hybrid" player on some teams' draft boards; Tebow still fits in the 2nd round in my opinion, whether as a QB or hybrid. Look for the Jaguars, Panthers, Patriots, and even Rams to take a long hard look at the intriguing former Gator signal caller. Nevertheless, It shouldnt be understated that the Jaguars may try trading down (thus acquiring extra picks) to select both Tebow and a DT/3-4 DE like Jared Odrick, a guy who can allow Del Rio to make a complete switch to the 3-4 Defensive scheme, with the onus on DE’s Derrick Harvey and Quinton Groves developing into game-changers as Rush OLBs.

Which direction will the Jaguars brass opt to go, as they are deficient of a 2010 2nd Round pick (which is possessed by the Patriots)?

- Keep an eye on Clemson RB CJ Spiller, Alabama ILB Rolando McClain, Florida CB Joe Haden, or USC SS Taylor Mays going here - as we know GM Gene Smith aims for value in his picks. However, given the "Developing News" above concerning Quentin Groves specifically, I would like to point the reader into a direction which points to 3-4 Defensive fits, and those fits go by the names ILB Rolando McClain and OLB/DE Sergio Kindle. More and more, its looking like the pick will become a draftroom sweepstakes between those three players - and moreso - steady production (McClain) vs potential (Kindle) vs the nail-biting yet steady local product in Tim Tebow . As for the prospects of McClain being the guy, one should remember that the Jaguars have experimented with the defense already, and Daryl Smith & Justin Durant were made to be the starting Inside LB's. Both are solid players, and the disappointment was with the pass rush at the time. In that regard, Sergio Kindle is looking like the guy who will end up the 10th overall selection for a team in a division which not only is predicated on the Defense having a pass rush, but on speed and athleticism to stop some of the best playmakers in the NFL; i.e. Vince Young, Chris Johnson, Colts Offense (by way of Peyton Manning), and Andre Johnson (by way of Matt Schaub).

Regardless, personally Im a guy who loves players with "that Dawg", take a look at what Tebow did in his final game as a Collegiate Athlete...Tebow will probably end up a 2nd round pick, but if he lights up the Senior and his Pro Day I just cannot buy into the widespread opinion that he isn't a 1st round pick, and for that matter a top 20 pick. Nevertheless, as it stands look for the Jaguars (among other teams) to target Tebow at the top of the 2nd round.

- OLB Sergio Kindle #2 --

#11 Broncos from Bears (7-9) (.496) -- OG, C, NT, DE, QB

NT Terrence Cody

Preliminary Analysis: Firstly, looking back at the Broncos offseason turmoil, one would think that they themselves would be picking here according to their allotted spot based on their own win-loss record. However surprising everyone, the Broncos played good enough football to keep them in playoff contention through week 17, and for that Josh McDaniels is to be commended.

Team Analysis: Analyzing the Broncos team, there are few need positions based on their drafting, coaching, and wily free agent pickups - however there are still needs based on players in contract years, and players who don’t fit McDaniels’ offensive system. Those players are principally on the Offensive line, and more specifically they go by the names Center Casey Wiegmann (36 years old/ 1yr remaining on contract), OG Russ Hochstein (32years old/ in contract year) and former zone-scheme starter OG Ben Hamilton (contract ends this year) who by the way has been relegated to a back-up role. That tells us that with at least one of their high round picks, the Broncos will target the interior of their Offensive Line. Note that while Ryan Harris is on IR, it has been said that he has played exceptionally well, so RT should be solid going into next year. If Kyle Orton can put up his game, this team not only has all the pieces in place, but has a solid foundation from which to build into the future.

Having said that, McDaniels runs the power running scheme offensively, and with his current players McDaniels has pieces that just do not fit the puzzle. But at the same time, is Orton’s game good enough to win Championships in Denver? And oh by the way, Orton’s contract ends this season. I must also mention that McDaniels did try making a move for Matt Cassel, who is having a terrible year; but all that was prior to Orton leading this team to a playoff birth. I should also mention that although Orton has had a capable year, his legacy will be decided upon whether he can win a Playoff game (or more), much less shootouts; the Colts game and the playoffs loom….

Hindsight: Well, we now know that while Orton played very well in the Colts game, he did make one critical mistake in throwing a redzone INT. And while he was being pressured by the Freeney and Mathis all day, those type of mistakes can’t happen when playing one of the best teams in the NFL. Hopefully Orton can learn from his mistakes, as the playoffs now loom….

Pick Analysis: It would make perfect sense for QB Jimmy Clausen to become a Bronco given that he has experience in the McDaniels system by way of Charlie Weiss’ tutelage. But OG/OT Mike Iupati and OG/OT Vladimir DuCasse who are both 6’5” 330lbs will remind McDaniels of Patriot stalwart Logan Mankins; both will be a strong argument. Based on past picks such as Justin Blalock, Aaron Sears, Davin Joseph, Shawn Andrews, and Deuce Latui - all of whom were taken in the early 2nd round (Joseph was rd1 pck23) and are comparable to Iupati and DuCasse - I am projecting Idaho and UMass' All-American Lineman to go somewhere between the mid to late 1st and early 2nd round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Again, it seems as if this pick will be hinged upon three scenarios:

1) is McDaniels secure with a future of Kyle Orton leading his team @ QB?

2) Cody has been compared to former All Pro NT Ted Washington, a player who has been described as “the prototypical [3-4] nose tackle of this era (90s).” Mt. Washington went 25th overall to the 49ers in 1991; does that nickname remind you of anyone? Will Terrence Cody make good on his promise to drop 30lbs prior to the draft?

3) Do the Broncos intend on moving down to allow a team like the Patriots to take OLB Sergio Kindle, in order that McDaniels can get his OG at a cheaper price?

4) Do the Broncos intend on moving down to allow the Giants an opportunity to add an immediate spark to their franchise, by way of RB CJ Spiller?

5) On the final evaluations of NT Terrence Cody in terms of his conditioning, and projected impact -- considering he was consistently afforded the opportunity to take sideline "breathers" due to Alabama's depth across their D-Line. Cody has great potential and was practically unblockable in College.

6) The allure of a player having been responsible for saving their teams' National Championship contention, as Cody did in a blocked FG against Tennessee. Playmakers who make HOF-type plays as Cody did against Tennessee are known to have that "it", and that "it" should benefit that prospect even more, given their already high draft stock.

- Keep in mind, the Broncos or Jaguars will hold out the trade bait that is Sergio Kindle or CJ Spiller come draft day, in order that they get the player they want at the cheapest possible price. I feel there is a very strong possibility that the New York Giants try to trade up for RB CJ Spiller, in order to negate the fact that the Seahawks have the #14 overall pick by way of the Broncos.

- As for the rumors of ILB Rolando McClain winding up as the 11th overall pick to the Broncos, it should be noted that a Pro Bowl caliber ILB already resides in Denver and he goes by the name DJ Williams. Williams is in his prime, and in situations like that presented in Denver I'm more apt to believe that the head personnel man would continue to build around their impact player, not provide competition to him at the same position. A complimentary ILB can be found via Free Agency, or in the latter portion of the draft.

Do not be surprised if the Broncos invest into their Defensive Line with their first pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. If that is the case, DT Dan Williams, DT/3-4 DE Jared Odrick, and NT Terrance Cody are the preeminent possibilities - specifically Cody, especially after Chiefs RB Jamal Charles ran all over them, thus knocking them out of the playoffs. Again, the plausibility of that occurance coming to fruition depends entirely on whether Josh McDaniels projects his hand-picked system-QB Kyle Orton has the capability to lead Denver to a Superbowl title.

- NT Terrence Cody #62 --

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Post by pizzaguy55 on Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:28 pm

I have to say I'm impressed. The more I see of Haden the more I like the kid. I think he definitely fills a hole in our secondary. Although I wonder how much of our current db's problems exist due to our lack of a pass rush. I have my fingers crossed that Berry will drop to us but I really can't see Seattle letting him slip by since they have another first rounder to address their OT issue. Overall very thorough man. I've enjoyed reading you analysis. I'm anxious to see how things change after the combine and pro-days.

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